08/13/2014 04:11 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2014

Should the Red Wings Sign Daniel Alfredsson?

Much to the disappointment of his grand plan - Alfie didn't win a cup by signing with the Red Wings in July 2013 for one year. He did record a respectable season, with 18 goals, and 49 points in only 68 games (back injury).

Seems like an easy decision - why not - if he's up for it, sign him for another season. Forty-nine points and 18 goals is a great contribution. But there are a number of other factors to take into consideration.

The Red Wings only have $5.2 million left under the cap and haven't yet signed Danny DeKeyser. In 2013, Alfie's one-year contract had a cap hit of $3.5 million. Should the Red Wings invest this much again, knowing they likely won't get more than 60 games out of him? What would this mean for DeKeyser who could be a great defenseman and investment for the Red Wings for years to come?

With Alfie back, Tomas Jurco would undoubtedly be sent back down to Grand Rapids, as he would be the only waiver-exempt player on the Red Wing's Roster. Jurco only played 36 games with the Red Wings last season, but he was able to bury eight goals and 15 points.

The Red Wings' aging roster could benefit from taking the opportunity to develop these young players like Jurco and DeKeyser rather than investing their resources in a player who likely won't get the points or play as many games as he has in the past.

The Red Wings already re-signed Daniel Cleary to a one-year contract just a month ago. Cleary is going to be 36 this season (granted that's no 41 like Alfie) and only played 52 games last season with only eight points. Would it really be in their best interest to sign another aging player?