11/26/2013 05:55 pm ET Updated Jan 26, 2014

MEETUP: Let's Do Drunk

I am a member of a worldwide group, Meetup, for singles and couples of all ages who share a common interest, marital status, or sexual orientation. I've made new friends and challenged myself on Meetup hikes, and am looking forward to attending concerts, art openings, lectures, and wine-tastings.

Today I was intrigued when I heard the familiar "ping" in my inbox, which meant another Meetup group has an event that I might (or might not) add to my social calendar.

I'm invited to check out Let's Do Drunk, a newly-organized group by "Stormy Drake."

Origami is fun... but let's do it drunk! This isn't your average bar meet and greet. Every meetup we will have a different activity! Ranging from Bingo, origami, wii, scavenger hunts, trivia, talent shows, and more! This group is for anyone looking to spice up their social life.

Are you single? Come meet other singles! Or if you are on a first date (or your 500th) come hang out with other couples!

"Welcome, Lively Lushes!" appears on the next page. The first Meetup will be "building a good buzz" at an unspecified bar, followed by icebreakers and a scavenger hunt.

Stormy Drake advises that participants bring:

  • A cell phone (with working camera)
  • An open mind (with working sense of humor)
  • $10 a person

So far, only Stormy Drake ("Full-time ninja, adventurer, artist, and social butterfly") has signed up.

I'm tempted to be #2. In my fantasy, it is just me and Stormy Drake, downing a couple of Mojitos, breaking the ice, and tripping the light fantastic in New York. But then I come to my senses. He is half my age, and do I really want to be alone with a full-time Ninja?

So I explore the offerings in other Meetup groups:

Long Island Burlesque and Bellydance

Hmmm... shaking my middle-aged belly. That is sure to send the other 72 Sirens (as the members of this group call themselves) running. And I certainly don't want to "take it off, take it all off" as Gunilla Knudson, the Scandivanian beauty, purred in a famous Noxzema TV commercial in the '70s. (Gunilla was referring to shaving, not stripping.) But I can see the appeal. Shake it, Senoritas.

Black Femme Lesbians Over 45

I'm neither black, nor a lesbian, but I am impressed by this group of 60 "sophisticated lesbian women 45 and up who wear lipstick" and meet to network, laugh, discuss any topic that comes to mind, go out to readings, plays, and dance.

Dance on, you interesting, intelligent and successful women! I'm with you in spirit.

New York Shamanic Circle

In this group, with a whopping 377 members, I could learn the basic techniques of core shamanism by "journeying to meet Spirit Guides and Power Animals." Once I meet them, I might "deepen my shamanic practice through drumming, chanting, and movement at the monthly Shamanic Circle."

I'm intrigued. I have witnessed shamans in the Andes Mountains in Peru doing sacred rites to Pachamama (Mother Earth). It was a powerful experience, watching them connect to their Incan roots. But my roots are in Connecticut. Guess I'll keep singing in my church choir instead of drumming and chanting with the shamans. And going out to "Fellowship" (code for eating and drinking) with my choir mates after our Thursday night rehearsals.

So, Stormy Drake, guess I won't be joining "Let's Do Drunk" after all.