12/12/2014 04:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Powerful Mantras to Raise Your Self-Worth

Life Rises to Meet You


We routinely think about the cards we were dealt in life, don't we?

I love quoting that life should rise to meet you. To help you understand what that means, I've life-hacked an easy way to trade in the hand of cards you were dealt in life, for the exciting hand that you've always wanted in only 40 days. I'm also giving you the seven most powerful mantras that I personally use to avoid the massive mistakes in giving up too early. Later, you'll learn how to use the mantras and you'll be playing big right after your first exercise -- the benefits are immediate.

So life should rise to meet you.

What I really mean is, your dreams should rise to meet your self worth.

My dreams should rise to meet my worth. That sounds big.

And very interesting when applied to my own life.

This seemed like a great piece of inspiration to share with you until I started thinking about the way most women are wired: Big goals. Low self-esteem.

Not surprisingly as a teacher of self-confidence, I ended up turning this piece of inspiration around.

Our self-worth should rise up to meet our biggest dreams.

As women, we need reverse inspiration. We're already superwomen with massive goals and a working vision board that requires it's own crafting room. But what we lack, and the reason we struggle to achieve our lofty goals, is that most of us still hold a very small value to our personal worth.

Deep down, we think we're not good enough to get what we've dreamed of. We don't deserve it. And that's where a lot of us are missing the hail mary touchdown pass.

Women have lofty dreams heavily speckled with financial freedom, a clear bill of health, a perfect partner, impressive physical attributes, independence, dreamy vacations, a walk-in closet for a goddess and a great big entrepreneurial career that makes a difference in the world. And we can have most of this, but we choose to play in this dangerously dichotomous world called, "Being woman."

We swim in shame. We starve our bodies. We pick at the tiniest things that make us feel so insignificant. We tell ourselves that we're not worthy. Not worthy of that better job because we want to start a family, assuming that means we're automatically, "less than." We're not smart enough to own our own company. We're not thin enough to wear that sleeveless form-fitting dress. We're too old to go back to school.

Deep down, we feel like we're not good/smart/worthy enough to own up to our biggest goals. Fortunately for us, it's a simple tweak in our language that can remedy our culturally-acceptable low sense of self-worth.

After surveying a group of married couples (male and female), I found that the women in the relationship always have bigger goals than their male partners. Typically, men broadly want financial security, less job stress and a "Porsche". Women however, want a great big fulfilling career, perfect children (and to manage their lives flawlessly), Julia Child's culinary blessings, an hour and half each day to work out, thick blown-out hair, clear skin, and enough discretionary income to treat ourselves to well-deserved gifts. No wonder we have so many life hacks.

In general, as women, we always want more. We secretly ask for it. More money, more kids (which is why we need more money), more space, more vacations, more time, more peace, more babysitter and more wine.

You get it--as women, we have big goals. And somehow we always find a reason that we're not good enough for them. Why is that?

There's a huge gap between a woman's self worth and her personal goals. Here's the life hack: If you want to tap into your big dreams, you have to allow your self-worth to rise up and meet it. You must convincingly know that you are quickly on your way to meet the biggest dream you've ever had.

It's not selfish to command a high sense of self-worth--it's selfless. To come to Earth and get what you want out of this experience is big. It's bold. It's courageous. It's commendable. It's the way you'll meet your dreams.

When you catch yourself thinking that you're undeserving, unworthy or simply not good enough, here are the seven most powerful mantras that I personally use to raise my self-worth to meet my lofty goals.

Here's how to do it: Pick a powerful mantra below and for the next 40 days, take a couple minutes each day to look into the mirror as you say these transformative words into your reflection. In the beginning, repeat your mantra quickly and slow down the speed at which you speak with each couple of repetitions. Stop when you find that you've said your mantra with conviction. It may help to write a mantra down on a sticky note and leave it on your bathroom mirror as a daily practice reminder that you're worth your biggest dream -- but remember, you have to say it out loud to give life to this exercise. You can change your mantra daily, depending on what you need the most. This exercise should take one to two minutes for each mantra you choose.

1. I am strong. Use this when you think you can't make it through pain.

2. I can do this. Use this when you're exhausted and overwhelmed.

3. I've got this. Use this when you think the outcome is not in your favor.

4. I'm worth it all. Use this when you ask for something big and have worked hard for it.

5. God is on my side. Use then when you need a blessing or an angel.

6. Today is my big day. Use this when you lose sight of your purpose.

7. I am a success! Use this when you doubt the path you've chosen for yourself.

Allow your self-worth to rise up and meet your biggest dream.

I challenge you to use these mantras for the next 40 days to start to bridge the gap between your self-worth and your biggest goals--you deserve it all. All of it. Start the journey today. May you always be surrounded by a guardian angel that illuminates the path you are destined for. Many blessing to you.

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