05/16/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fiat Ad Proves Once And For All That Breasts Can Sell Anything (VIDEO)

It's official -- breasts (and the prospect of breast augmentation) will be used to sell anything. In case we weren't already convinced, a new Fiat ad has made it abundantly clear.

The Argentinian spot depicts a couple driving around in their Fiat, parking and subsequently having a heart-to-heart ... about boob jobs. "I know you like me just the way I am ... natural, that every time there's some hot chick on TV, you complain they look so fake," says the woman to her boyfriend. "But I've been doing some thinking about it, and ... I'm getting a boob job." Cue the utterly bizarre dream sequence where her boyfriend dives into -- and essentially drowns in -- her cleavage while Easy Listening music plays in the background. The tagline? "Palio: The Car For The Best Time Of Your Life." Oy.

A few questions:
1. Are there actually men out there who believe that "the best time of their life" is when a girlfriend announces her plans to get breast implants?
2. How does the prospect of breast augmentation make people want to purchase cars? As Mark Duffy at Buzzfeed points out, the ad might be better at selling boob jobs.
3. Even if your greatest fantasy is to dive into a pile of fake cleavage, why would you want to drown in it? I'm pretty sure the mini-man in the dream sequence cannot breathe.
4. What women would want to buy a car marketed this way? Isn't Fiat missing out on a whole lot of drivers?

Advertisers, as much as we can all appreciate the selling power of breasts, counting on the "appeal" of plastic surgery is scraping the barrel. It might be time to get a little more creative, because going under the knife isn't anyone's idea of a "best time."