05/17/2012 06:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Candles: Yankee Candle Company Attempts To Woo Men

Yankee Candle Company has decided to follow the fragrance industry's formula for marketing to men: Change the packaging color and name of your product, say it's Manly and boom! -- dude customers galore. At least that seems to be what they hope will happen with their new line of "Man Candles" (yes that is the official name).


The Candle Association (a real organization) reports that 90 percent of candles are purchased by women. Yankee Candle Company is striving to defy these statistics. The scents of these "no girls allowed" candles include "Riding Mower," "First Down," "2x4" and "Man Town" (absolutely no idea what that last one could possibly smell like). The descriptions are also priceless. Take "2x4":

The warm, unmistakable scent of freshly planed wood and sawdust evokes a sense of confidence and quality.

Each of these enticing products is priced at $17.99 or $27.99 -- depending on how many hours of "fragrance" the customer desires. Because obviously, all any man wants is 110-150 hours of freshly cut grass and sawdust scents wafting around his home. If the line takes off, don't be surprised if your man friends' apartments start smelling like a "masculine blend of spices, woods and musk."

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