05/11/2015 10:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Celebrating the Awesomeness of Single Motherhood on Mother's Day


Over at I devote a lot of pixels to the challenges of single motherhood. But you deserve to celebrate why you, as a single mom, are so awesome. Here goes...

  • You're raising a human being by yourself. WTF. That's HUGE.
  • You pay the bills and plan a future by yourself.
  • When your kid does something so awesome, so adorable or sweet or hilarious or brilliant, you don't have that other person to turn to to appreciate it. So you appreciate it double.
  • You're building memories alone. And you do it anyway.
  • When your kid's bad behavior is really about to undo you, when you don't know what the hell you're doing as a parent, when all you want is for someone to come over and discipline the kid and turn this all around, you figure it out. Somehow, you just figure it out.
  • Many of you are raising boys to be men without fathers around.
  • And raising daughters to know what to expect from men without fathers around.
  • You keep your bitch-hole closed when your married mom friends-- the ones who don't have to work -- complain about being so overwhelmed and you don't even know what their reality is. Because you have grace. Even if inside you're about to punch them in the throat.
  • Even though you make the money and care for the kids you still have time to give back and be a good friend and don't use your marital status as an excuse to be less than the person you want your kids to see you being. Less than you want to be.
  • Because even though society tells you that going on a date with a man who is not the father of your children makes you a selfish mother, you do it any way. And enjoy every minute of it.
  • And even though society tells you that mothers who have sex with men whom they are not married to are filthy whores, you do it any way. And enjoy every glorious, filthy second of it.
  • Because more than anyone you understand that "family" can mean many, many things.
  • You are trailblazer. No one teaches you how to be a single mom. This is crazy-making. But you do it anyway.
  • Because your example makes it easier for other women and your daughter to embrace their choices.
  • You're grateful. You're grateful to live in a time when an unmarried woman can raise a family on her own, and earn enough money to have a good quality of life and pursue her passions and romance and raise amazing human beings. Even if your family doesn't look like you'd initially hoped, or your neighbors expect, or your parents dreamed. You own it. You own this is your life. And it is pretty freaking awesome.

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