10/21/2013 08:10 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2013

Stunning Melissa: Tipping Point Take on Elle Cover

Undoubtedly, Melissa McCarthy is smack in the middle of an uprising. A tipping point of sorts.

The fact of the matter is, millions of women took the cover personally. At issue is the slap in the face women felt toward their icon being covered up. You could almost hear, "ENOUGH TRYING TO COVER US UP!"

Clearly there is much more going on here than an image of a stunning Melissa McCarthy being wrapped in a luxuriously divine and on trend boxy cashmere Marina Rinaldi coat.

Coming from one of our nation's leading fashion magazines, to have missed an opportunity to show a leading plus-size mega Hollywood star in all her abundant glory, proved to open a wound for women. It's been the vehicle igniting millions of women to express their lack of respect as a valued contribution in United States. Not to mention, the devaluation of women and children based on their size causing lifelong scars and loss of life prematurely.

Take your own journey online, type in the words Melissa and Elle and scroll down to the thousands of comments. You'll feel the anger and the frustration brewing. Read on and absorb the emotionally unsettling experience living in America as a women within our culturally thin obsessed society (no matter what dress size she may be but most especially women above a size 12). The lack of respect, lack of acceptance, and little or no fashion forward size 12-plus clothing options available to buy, one would seem that's incredible enough. Then to add insult to injury, the horrific bullying (again, culturally accepted) of the "fat girl, fat boy" within all social circles, runs rampant.

And we wonder why Melissa choose the voluminous luxury coat cover option? Not just for her own personal sanity or desire to focus on her acting, but to deflect the cruelty and outright bad manners of commentators within the entertainment industry from diminishing the celebration of being chosen as one of coveted Hollywood's leading ladies. Why are women the only ones that are judged in this manner and men are not?

There's something to be said about being in the right place at the right time and in all fairness to Melissa and Elle, I don't think this is the space they'd choose to occupy, but here we are.

Amazing what an image of a well loved and highly anticipated actress can emote -- says much more about her power in Hollywood than what she decided to wear or not on a cover of a magazine.

Either way, cloaked or styled as a Hollywood sultress glam queen, there would have been a powerful reaction.

Ill take a necessary leap here and say, there's room for change in the way we treat and respect the 65 percent of American women size 12+ (67 million women) however that's a whole other discussion to be had, but not here.

Why are we not honoring Melissa's body of work and the hours of laughter she delivers in every performance she's in? Lets not judge this cover on styling alone but on Melissa's contribution to the entertainment industry which in itself is remarkable!