09/09/2010 07:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

NYC Fashion Week's Been Hit With a Curve!

Excitement certainly is mounting around a much anticipated Fashion Week coming up at Lincoln Center, especially with the inclusion of the first ever full figured newcomer on the docket at Rose Hall.

I made a point this morning to wake a bit earlier with coffee in hand to review my overflowing array of voicemails, emails and current press clippings about OneStopPlus' upcoming serious fashion statement on plus-size women this Sept 15th.

It got me thinking about a few things.

1. It makes incredible business sense to be in this business now. Why has it been such a struggle to shed a positive light in this direction over the years? Can prejudice be that strong that one is forced to go into bankruptcy without having considered the idea to include plus sizes (a more fit and tone missy plus 12-22 as well) into their clothing lines? For buyers to buy deeper in size 12's, 14's, 16's and 18's than what's currently supplied to the market... has anyone been listening to Marshal Cohen over at the NPD group for the last 15 years? I'm sure he and other top of line industry analysts would love to update you about what they've been saying ad nauseum over the years.

2. It's 2010 and we're still not supplying over 63% of American full figured, curvy, plus-size women (however you want to call this customer) with hip, stylish, quality driven, trend-forward and shape appropriate clothing.

3. Bloggers representing the masses, hot with a point of view, are grabbing their followers and changing the way advertisers promote their products and even getting campaigns pulled for not promoting healthy images or positive messaging to women. Bloggers are also on to who's in or out on this fashion disparity. Indeed it is a new day!

I want to borrow a scene out of Moonstruck and say to the American business/fashion community, "Snap out of it!" Undeniable change is taking place for those smart enough to get in and win the hearts of millions of women formerly forgotten by fashion (with hard earned cash to burn, enough cash possibly to have kept many businesses from going under).

What are you waiting for?!

Ring your bell, sound the alarm, beat the drum! Fashion Week's been hit with a curve! A beautiful one no doubt, one long over due and one certainly here to stay!