03/25/2014 11:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2014

HuffPost Teen Bloggers Make Really Good Friends

Emmel El-Fiky

As most of you who follow Huffington Post Teen on Twitter know, the teen bloggers have gotten together to start up group chats and a Facebook group, in order to get to know each other a little bit better. I personally just joined the Facebook group, and I have to say, in the literal one hour that I've been a part of this group, I feel like we're on to something big.

Like the group's description says, we're a collection of the "world's most eloquent, inquisitive, bold and hilarious teens." And what better way to gain from this than to collaborate with each other? I firmly believe that the only way we can really benefit from writing is to share it and learn from one another. I'm so glad that this idea became a real thing, because not only do I feel like I've gained new critics and mentors, I think I might've also gained a few new friends. And what could be better than that? :)

Here's a video I found that adequately sums up how I feel about this new opportunity, and how grateful I am to the Huffington Post admin who allowed me to be a part of it all. (Just replace "delicious walnuts" with "wonderful opportunity to blog on the internet.") ;)