10/31/2016 01:40 pm ET

10 Hilarious Videos That Sum Up Halloween For Parents

Happy Halloween, moms and dads!

Halloween is a busy time for parents. Between the costume prep, school parties, trick-or-treat strategizing and failed attempts to avoid candy binges, there’s a lot going on. 

But at least they can laugh about it. Here are 10 funny, creative and totally fun videos that sum up Halloween for parents.

1. The Video That Showed Why Parents Shouldn’t Buy Halloween Candy Too Early

”We caught her red-handed sitting on the pantry floor!”

2. The Video That Revealed The Real Reason Parents Take Their Toddlers Trick-Or-Treating

”She doesn’t even know what’s going on.” 

3. The Video That Offered Lazy Parents Some Comically Cheap Costume Ideas

Shout-out to the “Intelligent” costume.

4. The Video That Highlighted Parents’ Trick-Or-Treat Strategies

”First I have indicated houses that leave out whole bowls of candy.”

5. The Video That Showed How Halloween Erodes Parents’ Self-Control 

 “She ain’t got no self control. She just wants that candy bowl.”

6. The Video That Got Real About The Parenting Competition Around Halloween

”We harvest and grow our own apples for the caramel apples I make for the trick-or-treaters every year.”

7. The Video That Exposed Just How Passionate Kids Are About Their Halloween Candy Hauls

Jimmy Kimmel’s annual prank is legendary.

8. The Video That Underscored Kids’ Worst Halloween Candy Nightmare

Nothing is scarier than that empty candy bowl.

9. The Video That Documented How Parents Let Loose When Halloween Falls On A Friday

“Rollin’ down the street with my kinfolk, dressed like a giant moose.”

10. The Video That Showed That Parents Get Scared On Halloween, Too

”Monsters and ghosts, they haunt me!”



Comics That Sum Up Halloween For Parents