10 signs that will help you in identifying unhappy employees

12/01/2017 01:25 am ET

The success of a business is directly dependent on the performance of its employees. Employees can help businesses in meeting their goals consistently. Hence the happiness of your employees is crucial to the sustenance of your business.

Unhappy employees will not only affect your productivity but also the morale of others. So it is important to watch out for these warning signs:

#1. Achieving the Bare Minimum

If you notice that your employees are just meeting the bare minimum goals, chances are that they are losing interest in their job.

#2. Seeming Distant

You notice that your employees refuse to tell you about their problems when asked. However, you see them speaking about it with their co-workers behind your back. This can mean that they are not satisfied with the work environment they are in.

#3. They arrive Late, Leave Early or are Absent

You notice an employee being constantly late, leaving early, or taking time-off frequently. This is probably due to the fact that they are losing interest or disengaged at their workplace.

#4. Lacking Feedback and Ideas

You find that an employee has stopped sharing new ideas or feedback in weekly meetings or team huddles. This can mean that they are no longer interested or care about the future of your company.

#5. Keeping to Themselves

Chatter and humor keep a workplace alive. If your employees are barely speaking to each other, it is a sign of dissatisfaction towards the workplace.

#6. A Sudden Change in their Appearance

You see a sudden change in the appearance of one of your employees. They are not putting in an effort to look their best at work. It is probably due to the fact that, they no longer care about how they look at their workplace. This means they are no longer interested in their job.

#7. Looking for Other Opportunities

You find that your employees are talking about other opportunities and job offers. This is an indication that they no longer want to continue working with you.

#8. Reluctant Attitude

Are you noticing a distressed behavior among employees when new responsibilities are given to them? This is a clear sign of disinclination towards the workplace.

#9. Increased Customer Complaints

Unhappy employees are less likely to produce good work outputs. An increase in customer complaints is a sign that they are no longer serious about their work.

#10. A Gradual Decline in Productivity

You notice a decline in productivity of an employee, who has been productive in the past. Chances are that they are no longer interested being associated with your company.


If you come across any of these signs, you need to take appropriate action in rectifying the situation.

Arrange a one-on-one meeting with the employee and ask them the reason for their unhappiness.Offer any help possible so that they can improve. Evaluate your work culture or management style as that may greatly affect the employee's mindset.

The sooner you detect the signs, the easier it will be to rectify the situation.

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