01/09/2018 12:45 pm ET

10 Small Living Ideas That Will Elevate Your Small Space

Don't be defined by your dimensions.

Your small space shouldn’t be defined by its dimensions, but by how creative you can get with its functionality. But if you’re pinned down by clutter or overwhelmed with how to make that entryway less stressful to look at, taking your small space to the next level can seem like an impossible feat.

That’s why we’ve come up with 10 simple solutions for some of the most common small-space problems. Whether you’re looking for increased storage, furniture that serves multiple purposes, or ways to make your room look bigger, we’ve got you covered with these small living ideas that will elevate your small space.

  • 1 Turn a pegboard into a multipurpose fixture for cards, notes, hanging accessories, and more
    Get&nbsp;a pegboard <a href="
    Get a pegboard here.
  • 2 Use this wall cubbie as not only storage but a fun piece of wall art
    Get the cubbie <a href="
    Get the cubbie here.
  • 3 Get a lift-top coffee table that doubles as a desk or dining table with storage
    Get the table <a href="" target="_blank">here
    Get the table here.
  • 4 Put a round mirror in your entryway to make your space seem more spacious upon walking in
    Get the mirror <a href="" t
    Get the mirror here.
  • 5 Instead of a regular coat hanger, use a garment rack for multiple uses of storage and hanging
    Get the rack <a href="
    Get the rack here.
  • 6 Add pieces with some elevation to make the room appear taller
    Get the planter <a href=""
    Get the planter here.
  • 7 Use an ottoman as seating, storage, and a chic piece of furniture
    Get the ottoman <a href="
    Get the ottoman here.
  • 8 A floor mirror can heighten a room instantly
    Get the floor mirror <a href="
    Get the floor mirror here.
  • 9 Use standing furniture with open shelving to heighten a room
    Get the bookshelf <a href="
    Get the bookshelf here.
  • 10 Hang your greenery instead to free up space on the floor
    Get these airplants <a href="
    Get these airplants here.

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