07/09/2015 10:36 am ET Updated Jul 13, 2015

11 Stunning Places Without Wi-Fi So You Can, Y'Know, Actually Enjoy The View

Travel is healthy because it helps us unplug, open our minds and break away from the burnout that so often gets us into a rut.

But unfortunately, even when the average American manages to get away from the desk for a rare vacation, it's almost impossible to unplug: a 2014 survey found that 42 percent of employees feel obligated to check their work email while on vacation. 

Looks like we need to learn how to soak up the scenery just a little bit more.

Not only are some of the world's most stunning destinations ideal for a beauty-filled vacation, but they're also ideal places for a digital detox, because they have either limited Wi-Fi connectivity or none at all. Check out some of our favorites, book a cheap flight, and get ready to unplug.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated that Yellowstone National Park is in California. In fact, it's mostly in Wyoming, with parts in Idaho and Montana.

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