15 Quotes To Inspire Self-Love

03/08/2017 09:55 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2017

My social media team, who devotedly administrates my pages, suggested that we come up with a list of “best quotes” – bite size insights – that you have strongly responded to. Thank you all for offering thoughtful comments, sharing your personal stories and struggles, and sharing our words with your own family and friends.

  • Live this mantra: It’s nobody else’s responsibility to make you feel secure, except your own. It’s nice when someone else can give security directly to you, but when they can’t or won’t, you must do it.
  • Breathe into this aloneness. On the inhale: Acknowledge your aloneness. On the exhale: Accept it as part of being human.
  • To radically change your life, you must create a healthy new relationship with yourself.
  • Whether you are happily married or by yourself, you came into the world alone and will exit the world alone. Each of us is alone in the very center of ourselves. This is a moment to accept and make peace with your aloneness. On your intakes and outtakes of breath meditate on your separateness as a human being.
  • Self-love does not mean self-indulgence. Many people confuse the two. Self-indulgence means you're buying an extravagance you can't afford, having one cookie too many, or wallowing in your misery. Self-love means nurturing your needs by doing something that's good for your growth and development.
  • The cornerstone of low self-esteem is the need for immediate gratification. We love ourselves only enough to indulge ourselves in feel good relief, but not enough to delay gratification to achieve our most important goals and dreams.
  • The relationship we have with our self is the most important in our life.
  • Abandonment recovery program strengthens your inner core. It’s emotional Pilates.
  • Abandonment is a time of personal reckoning--a journey to the center of the self to find the higher self.
  • It isn't achievement that rewards us; it's the process of getting there that keeps good feelings flowing toward self. When you're actively working on things, you earn the right to give yourself credit, not for the end product of your efforts but for the efforts themselves. Get in touch with your strength. Commit to action. Regain control.
  • Our sense of self is as unique to us as our fingerprints.
  • One of the things that therapists know too well is that most people do not acknowledge the depths of their pain. They don't give themselves the opportunity to validate the strength it takes to go on. So many of us are in survival mode. To stop and truly celebrate our strength and courage is to begin living our lives more consciously, with recognition of life's greatness--as well as our own greatness to meet its challenges. How have you preserved through this difficult time? Give yourself credit for doing so.
  • Being alone allows you to face yourself. You open yourself to revelations en route to discovering your higher self.
  • You don’t need to change something all the way to make a huge difference in your life. You don’t have to go from being co-dependent to non co-dependent, or from having low self-esteem to high self-esteem. You need only to be in the process of improving it – even if the progress is slow – to make all of the difference that makes the difference. The smallest improvement in your co-dependency issues or the slightest bump in your self-esteem can get you over that hump and into that relationship, or job or friend, etc., you’ve always wanted. In other words, you can still be YOU – a person with many strengths and weaknesses – but an evolving YOU.
  • Patterns of self-sabotage set in after we’ve been through an abandonment or loss, whether in childhood or adult hood. Self-sabotage is all about self-abandonment – something the tools of abandonment recovery helps us to reverse. We learn to overcome deeply entrenched patterns and reach greater life and love than before.
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