'21 Jump Street' SXSW Premiere: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum Talk Tom Hanks, Comedy

There was nothing but smiles at the South By Southwest premiere of "21 Jump Street" — well, smiles and about 100 young girls desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the film's smokey-eyed star, Channing Tatum.

The Huffington Post was lucky enough to gaze into the deep green of Tatum's smokey eyes as he told us how Hill helped him when "being funny" wasn't quite so easy.

"Anytime I was like, 'I dont know how to be funny in this scene,' he was like, 'Don't try to be funny.'"

"I think it worked," added Tatum, "He's about as good as it gets."

Early reports from movie-goers at the premiere claim that Tatum and Hill — who were both donning their "21 Jump Sreet" cop uniforms — have "surprising" on-screen chemistry.

Hill looked happy as he cruised the carpet, taking a moment to tell us about what it was like having Tom Hanks crash his "Saturday Night Live" monologue on Saturday.

"He's someone who means a lot to me. He's someone who started in comedy and made a graceful transition into doing all different kinds of movies. I'm someone who started in comedy and I've been able to do all different kinds of movies now, and trying to do what he did basically."

When asked if he, like Hanks, sees himself directing and producing in the future, Hill replied,

"I see being awesome," giving a thumbs up.

"21 Jump Street" premieres in movie theaters across America this Friday.