11/30/2016 06:00 am ET

The 3-Ingredient Cookie Recipes That'll Help You Ace Holiday Baking

Because life should be easy.

Holiday baking season is upon us and that means one thing: so many cookies. Between the shortbread, the thumbprints and the crinkles; the making, giving and receiving of cookies; this time of year we’re running on a constant sugar high.  

It’s great, except for the fact that not all of us have the time or know-how to turn our kitchens into small-scale bakeries. We have a solution for those of you who just don’t like to or simply can’t bake: super easy, 3-ingredient cookie recipes.

Three-ingredient cookies are beginner friendly and require less fuss, but they still taste sweet and delicious. (We also have a 2-ingredient cookie recipe for those of you who just can’t this year.) Consider them a holiday shortcut ― and our early gift to you.