3 Reasons Why You Should Accept Your Flaws

05/01/2016 06:35 pm ET Updated May 01, 2016

When we think of flaws we think of something being wrong with us. We have the tendency to focus only on our strengths but to focus on a flaw/weakness is a game changer. When I reached adult age I noticed that I was swarmed with flaws/weaknesses. It left me feeling defeated, anxious and lacking the confidence I so desperately wanted on the inside.


I didn’t know there was guidance out there. While in my dark stage i reached out for answers and explanations in books and blog articles that guided me to questioning myself and what I needed to improve on.


I noticed that it has been standard in society that our flaws/weakness are not to be discussed but to be covered up. I say that because discussing flaws/weaknesses and bringing light to them makes us more relate-able and brings a conversation around what can be improved.


Not to be misunderstood I don’t mean fix (wrong word) your flaws because to try fixing a flaws/weakness insist that we are pursuing perfection and we know we are not perfect. I'm saying to strive for improvement as an individual. When we improve we become our best self. Acceptance to me means knowing that we have this flaw/weakness/struggle and we are wanting improvement/growth in ourselves.


Knowing that I wanted to improve my flaws/weaknesses of confidence i knew in order to improve this I had to work on who I am and being confident in my strengths, compassion for myself and most important challenging my flaws/weakness. Any flaw or weakness i questioned about myself invigorated a spark of what it was that kept nagging on me. The confidence factor kept nagging on me. In looking back i can say confidently that to improve my confidence I improved my inner POWER.


My inner powers makes me special and it all came from a flaw that I at one time allowed me to feel defeated, anxious and lacking in self assurance. Once the flaw was challenged and improved i began to accept my journey in growth. Challenging myself to meet people, interact with them lead me to growth in the confidence area. I continue to strive for growth in the area of confidence. From my experience here are the 3 Reasons to Accept your Flaws:


  1. The uniqueness in a flaw can be a disguise for us as a strength to serving others in need (when you receive growth from it)
  2. A flaw can give us the inner POWER of standing out from the crowd
  3. Realizing that a nagging flaw is the spark we need for growth


Growth is something we all aspire to. Know that flaws are apart of our makeup. We can sometimes try improving all flaws but we are made up of so many. That is why we are unique. But to improve on a certain nagging flaw that we constantly find ourselves questioning in our head can definitely lead you to the growth you want.  It can also lead to so much more.


Author Bio: Caroline is an Advocate for Confidence at Be Inspired Brand,LLC. She is from New York but now resides in North Carolina. Grab for free Part 1 of 4 from her CONFIDENCE SERIES. YOU ARE ENOUGH:3 Easy Ways to Accepting You Right Now!!  

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