3 Ways to Keep Up With the Future of Mobile Content

01/05/2018 08:15 am ET

By Bobby Palmieri

As more and more consumers depend on their smartphone for information across the web, brands are putting more and more focus on mobile content, but how does this affect the way brands need to be marketing?

Advertisers need to be focused on creating advertising experiences that designed for mobile. With 68 percent of consumers saying they don’t mind ads as long as they aren’t invasive, brands need to also focus on creating content and advertisements that consumers actually want to engage with.

As the CEO and co-founder of a mobile content agency, here are three strategies to incorporate to successfully reach your consumers through mobile content advertising.

Closely Target Audiences

Since mobile phones are much more personal than shared devices like desktops and TVs, it gives marketers the unique opportunity to better target core consumers. Publishers and social platforms are better able to attribute certain traits, personal and buying habits to people on mobile than they are on traditional advertising platforms. 

With these capabilities, advertisers and content creators should spend time understanding exactly who they are marketing to and what kind of social content they will engage with and then reverse engineer the information to develop their marketing campaigns. For example, if a food brand is trying to reach more women ages 25 to 45, they would see that the very popular Tasty videos do really well with this demographic and create videos around this concept for the campaign.

Create Meaningful Impressions

Very few ads across social are unskippable, so paid media is just getting placements and impressions. Consumers can scroll past these ads in less than one second. If ads are strictly a sales pitch with no reason to engage past that, social media spend is being wasted.

Marketers should be looking for ways to get their message across while getting social users to spend minutes, not seconds, with the brand. Facebook Canvas ads, Instagram Stories that lead to microsites, 360 videos and Snapchat lenses are all new and innovative advertising platforms designed to get meaningful branded impressions. All of these can be designed to give consumers a fully immersive and controlled experience around the brand itself while building it specifically for the audience it serves.

Seek Branded Content Opportunities

Another thing that advertisers should be looking into today is creating more branded content. In today’s world, people have a surplus amount of content right at their fingertips, most of which they can watch without ads. Netflix turns down billions of dollars to keep ads off their platform. Browsers are also making a conscious effort to make it harder for marketers to retarget and serve ads, so it is not only important to create ads that people want to engage with but to also go where the eyeballs are.

Branded content is a win-win for publishers and advertisers because it gives publishers an organic way to monetize their following, and when done right, it does not hinder the experience for the viewer. When looking for branded content partners, brands should focus their attention on publishers with loyal audiences within their targeted demographic. Many publishers have core audiences that follow their every move and watch every piece of content. These publishers and media companies are the ones with the ability to move product and grow brand favorability -- quickly.

There are so many unique opportunities to do creative things in this mobile world. However, creative isn’t always effective. By sticking to the principle of creating content around the brand’s message -- content that people want to engage with -- brands can be both creative and effective.


Bobby Palmieri is the CEO and co-founder of Lilo Social, a mobile content agency specializing in Instagram Stories and Snapchat advertising.

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