11/30/2015 12:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

35 Breathtaking Christmas Trees You'll Wish Were in Your Living Room Right Now

Now that we're actually starting December we're finally allowed to show our Christmas excitement, so get your green and red on! These 35 breathtaking trees are just the thing to kick off the holiday season and inspire you to get started on putting together your own.

1. Set yours like this glowing golden stunner

Project via FrugElegance

Use warm gold ornaments and mesh and copper lights, to create a cozy, high-end Christmas tree. See the full post here.

2. Cover it with vintage ornaments

Project via House of Hawthornes

Make you tree a classic collection of vintage charm with old Shiny Brites. See the full post here.

3. Make one from old colorful rulers

Project via Adirondack Girl at Heart

Turn an old cabinet or plank of wood into bright and colorful tree art using vintage rulers. See the full post here.

4. Wrap it in an ombre pattern with mesh

Project via Sow & Dipity

You can turn your tree into a mesh masterpiece by planning an ombre pattern for your tree. See the full post here.

5. Hang natural elements for a rustic look

Project via Exquisitely Unremarkable

Stick to acorns, pine cones, and natural wood ornaments for warm rustic appeal. See the full post here.

6. Put one together from license plates

Project via A Piece of Rainbow

If you're lucky enough to have a bunch of license plates, you can not pass up this incredible design. See the full post here.

7. Fill in open spaces with book pages for a vintage feel

Project via What Meegan Makes

Book lovers, this one's for you! Roll up spare book pages and stick them into open spaces in your tree. See the full post here.

8. Save space with an on-the-wall tree

Project via Uncookie Cutter

If you're short on space, fill an open wall with this sparkling stick tree. See the full post here.

9. If you're getting a cheap faux tree, pack it with ornaments

Project via A Designer At Home

Make a tree that only looks expensive, by filling the spaces with wreaths and ornaments. See the full post here.

10. Include a gorgeous base in yours

Project via Dream a Little Bigger

Keep kids and kitties from pulling down your decorated tree by adding a pretty and practical base. See the full post here.

11. Go for striking and simple with a wood plank design

Project via Meatloaf and Melodrama

Tack up a couple wooden planks to create a simple and sophisticated tree design. See the full post here.

12. Add a dramatic twist to yours with a dress form

Project via Panoply

Dress your tree in a black tie outfit so she's ready to wow your guests with her glamorous charm. See the full post here.

13. Dress yours up - literally!

Project via Roots North & South

Add a top hat, a long winding scarf, and even boots, to get your tree ready for winter! See the full post here.

14. Use yours to show your purple love

Project via Burlap & Babies

If you're a purple fanatic, show your true colors through your tree decor. See the full post here.

15. Use yours to hang all of your old 'sitting on Santa's lap' photos

Project via Blue Ribbon Kitchen

This red and white tree is packed to the brim with childhood photos featuring jolly Santas - what better decor could convince him to leave his best gifts? See the full post here.

16. Stay elegant and understated with wooden boards

Project via Her Tool Belt

Keep it simple, with this quick wooden slat tree that will look amazing leaning against your kitchen or living room wall. See the full post here.

17. Fill in your spindly areas with evergreen wreaths

Project via 3 Little Greenwoods

This $10 tree was a wreck when she started, but with some strategic rearranging, it looks incredible now! See the full post here.

18. Make a toddler-friendly tree with a traffic cone

Project via Where The Smiles Have Been

If you've got toddlers at home, this will literally make their holiday! See the full post here.

19. Cover smaller trees with rustic glam charm

Project via Windgate Lane

Your biggest tree doesn't have to steal the spotlight - set up these smaller stunners to shine in every room. See the full post here.

20. Go with a classic Christmas theme

Project via DIY Beautify

Stick with this clever food theme or try some other Christmasy flavor, like a tree based off of your favorite holiday movie! See the full post here.

21. Make a small one from twigs and lights

Project via The DIY Dreamer

This one is so easy and so striking, you can't pass it up. See the full post here.

22. Add whimsical and fun elements

Project via Re-Fabbed

Elf legs sticking out the top, funny faces hanging from every branch - whatever makes you giggle is game! See the full post here.

23. Give yours a somber style with greys and silvers

Project via Brooklyn Berry Designs

It's tough to get more sophisticated than black, white, and grey tree ornaments (but you're welcomed to try). See the full post here.

24. Set yours with farmhouse charm using aged effects

Project via Our Southern Home

Sometimes the perfect tree is about the perfect tree holder pairing - this basket beauty is one such case. See the full post here.

25. Turn yours into a rainbow display using ornaments

Project via Dream a Little Bigger

Who knew a white tree could look SO colorful! See the full post here.

26. Play with jewel tones for a glamorous look

Project via Jenna Burger Designs

Speaking of white trees, they're a great place to try a rich, jewel-toned ornament design. See the full post here.

27. Real or fake, flock your tree with this easy trick

Project via Lovely Etc.

Don't miss the chance to add snowy charm to your home no matter the climate outside. See the full post here.

28. Use white or light ornaments for an even snowier effect

Project via Hymns & Verses

Compliment that snowy flocked style with white, gold, and silver ornaments that will make it sparkle like crazy! See the full post here.

29. Make gold-tipped glittering burlap trees

Project via The Endearing Home

Gather strips of burlap and add a flurry of gold sparkles to the edges, for rustic, romantic tabletop decor. See the full post here.

30. Create some silver metallic ones, too

Project via The Interior Frugalista

Try an industrial-chic take with these silvery tree designs. See the full post here.

31. Craft your own easy spoon tree set

Project via One Project Closer

Stick spray painted spoons to styrofoam cones for this interesting and super popular faux tree design. See the full post here.

32. Make a few trees from burlap and bells

Project via Southern Couture

These rustic cottage-style cuties would be perfect for your mantel, no? See the full post here.

33. Use a mini tree to create the most classic Christmas scene

Project via The Chelsea Project

Pair a DIY tree with a little red wagon, for a classic Christmas display. See the full post here.

34. Stack wood slices into a tree

Project via 2 Bees in a Pod

Stack larger wood slices into eye-grabbing trees to sit atop your mantel or steal the show in your tablescape. See the full post here.

35. Set up a forest of cotton balls and bells

Project via Pet Scribbles

If your tree was covered in a full on blizzard and then topped off with bright silvery jingle bells, it would look like this. Luckily, you've got these mini ones instead of that mess. See the full post here.

For even more amazing Christmas tree ideas, fake and real, checkout the Christmas Tree page on Hometalk!