Why it's Not what you Earn that Counts.

11/09/2016 04:59 am ET
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Roll up, roll up I can teach you the quickest way to reach 6 figures!

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Is it just me or does the chatter on social media today just seem to be all about the figures?

Now the issue here is not the figures themselves per se nor the desire to earn and reach those figures in your business or salaried role...absolutely not.

The problem lies in this supposed belief that when you hit those figures that something truly magical happens to your life. Your problems, particularly those financial ones well they just get up and leave...right? Your self worth, well that just sky rockets (beware the head swell) and well lets face it, that’s when you’ve really made it...isn’t it?

It's not about the money!
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It's not about the money!

Well, I for one dont buy into that and here’s why.

Let me introduce you to 3 female entrepreneurs. All of whom own service based online businesses.

Meet Lisa.. Lisa is hell bent on earning 6 figures and beyond. Lisa believes that the more she earns the better off she will be. More ultimately means better to Lisa and when she hits the 6 figure mark she feels she will have made it! Lisa is in a real sweat about the figures. She firmly believes that 6 figures and beyond is the only answer to her money woes and the only way to improve her life. She has debt, no savings or investments and what comes in pretty much goes back out again. More money is all Lisa can see. Lisa pretty much buys into the chase for more, lock stock and barrel.

Meet Sam. Sam is there already and flying high! Sam has hit 6 figures and is well on her way to 7. Sam is living the high life! She is living life to the full, staying in the swankiest of hotels, buying the most expensive shoes and clothes that she can and of course posting all of the obligatory fb and social media posts just to show how well she’s doing. Sam is showing the world that she has arrived. Sam is also teetering on the edge of accruing serious debt. Not only is Sam spending what comes in but she is also spending what hasn’t come in yet. Such is the need with sam to maintain the lifestyle she has become accustomed to these past 6 months that she will risk it all just to do that. Sam used to be broke and in debt. She too just like Lisa believed that more was better and that more money was the answer. Sam believes that she is in flow and able to manifest like the best. There’s no safety net because Sam is not expecting the flow to stop at all, ever. Sam buys into the belief that she will continue to manifest everything thats he desires all of the time and that to maintain the flow her money must have a specific purpose and flow back out of her life.

Meet Michelle. Michelle used to be just like Lisa yet she knew something was off. She found that the constant struggle with money and never ending chase for more was really taking away the enjoyment and passion she used to have for her business. She knew that she wanted financial security and for the worry and stress she felt around money to stop. Michelle was ready to call it a day but instead chose to make a promise to herself to start to do things differently. She chose to get a real handle on her finances, to have money stay in her life and to begin creating real prosperity. So she began to master both her money and mindset right where she was at. Now Michelle already feels successful so her sense of worth, success and achievement isn’t tied to the numbers anymore.

Michelle happily ignores the constant 6-7 figure chatter on social media and doesn’t get caught up in the hype. She saves, has investments and gives her money great leadership right now. She doesn’t buy into the chase for more for moneys sake. She now sees it as a way of moving forward and growing organically. Michelle knows that even though she hasn’t yet reached 6 figures that she’s most likely in a far sounder place financially than many other business owners who are making way more than her. She also knows that she will reach her monetary goals but it doesn’t have her breaking out in a sweat. She’s doing money her way and it feels great. She knows that by mastering the money she has now and building strong financial and mindset foundations that she will be supported moving forward.

Ultimately Michelle knows that when she reaches her monetary goals that she has real purpose for her money that goes beyond the hyped up consumerism of today and she goes about getting there with grace and ease.

So my question to you is, if you had to choose to be one of the ladies above right now who would it be?

Do you have the tools and skills to master what you have right now so that as your income grows so does your prosperity in real terms?

Ask yourself honestly if you’re the woman who could or is handling 6-7 figures well right now or are you the woman who’s in a desperate scrabble to get there?

The truth is that it’s not the money that’s the issue at all its your behaviours, mindset and relationship with it that is! More is not the answer in the long term to any money woes because those non serving spending behaviours and habits don't magically disappear when you hit a certain figure. They stay with you and your lifestyle and expenditure usually just rises to meet what’s now coming in and so the cycle of misery continues.

So if just like Michelle you know that somethings financially off for you and you're not creating the long term prosperity and wealth that you crave then start right here and right now!

Be the woman that is smarter than all of the hype. Begin to choose to detach your sense of self worth, achievement and success from the figures by beginning to recognise that just because someone earns more than you do, that that doesn’t mean that they’re in a better financial situation than you or that they’re more successful or worthy than you.

Work on recognising that the stories that you tell yourself about other peoples success and wealth are just that...stories! You don’t really know whats true for them just as they don’t for you so focus on your business rather than theirs. You don't actually know what’s true for them financially so why even care.

Stay in your lane. Get clear on what you want and not what others appear to have. Begin to set strong, purposeful, prosperous foundations for yourself now by starting to manage and give great leadership to the money you do have right now.

Am I telling you not to strive to earn more and to settle with what you currently have? Absolutely not! I absolutely believe in the power to create and manifest what you desire in life but at the same time I recognise and accept that life is life. The proverbial shit does and will hit the fan, no matter who you are, how well honed your manifestation skills are or how well your business is doing. When you think about it it’s all a part of growth. We need the bumps in the road so that we can push on and continue moving forward and the great news is that by preparing ourselves for the money bumps in the road we get to choose how big they end up being when they arise. You get to choose how big the bump is by deciding what actions you can take today to manage the money you have right now.

Ultimately you get to choose to feel prosperous right now, today! It’s not the figures that should give you a feeling of success and worth.

Know that ultimately its never about what you earn but what you do with it that counts. You are after all already successful, worthy and enough, you just need to acknowledge it.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more about building prosperous foundations in both your life and business then come on over to www.lindseywhitaker.com and take a look around! I love to have visitors :)


Lindsey Whitaker aka The Prosperity Coach is a leading Money and Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs. Her unique transformational mix of coaching, mentoring and teaching encourages and empowers female entrepreneurs to nurture and grow their own prosperous futures by learning how to keep money in their lives.

With a fresh approach to money management, relationships and beliefs, women that work with Lindsey find that they can take themselves out of the never ending chase for more and are able to do both life and business with more ease and flow.

Passionate about empowering women to set up prosperous foundations in their life and business, Lindsey shares a fresh and unique approach to both money management and mindset, encouraging clients to build prosperity on their terms.

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