Creating a Unique Value Proposition: An Ultimate Guide for Small Business Owners

Unique Value Proposition
Unique Value Proposition

What UVP is all about?

Do you have a will to add value to people’s life while you make money, you want to have a leverage power, or you want to get your business to a higher level?

Then, your unique value proposition (UVP) must be right.

It’s also called unique selling proposition (USP).

Most businesses have, but not all get it right.

UVP is an expression of the value you offer, or what you sell. It’s important your UVP address how you’ll help your customers and outstands you from your competitors.

The stronger it is, the greater your visitor’s conversion into clients.

To the least, if you must get anything right at first, it should definitely be your UVP.

You can have the best business model, best set of skilled and experienced staff, perfect presentation, great products and the most impressive pricing.


Visitors will be oblivious of all these if you don’t have a succinct UVP.

So, how important is your UVP? How do you craft a compelling UVP? Do you just write anything that springs up your mind?

This guide will provide you with the needed information to get UVP right and show you the simplest way to craft a UVP that attracts strong interest.

How to find your UVP?

You can find your UVP by thinking deep about the value you intend to offer your clients. You also need to research well into your competitors.

The real catch is to fathom how your value is better than that of your competitors.

The top notch UVP lies in that details. That proof that you can deliver better than your competitors.

Even if you haven’t gotten it right from the scratch. You can nail a better UVP by following these three steps;

Step 1: Research and take a deep look at what your competitors do

Step 2: Search for all their loopholes (What they don’t do right)

Step 3: Do it right

That’s the simplest definition of innovation.

How to craft a compelling UVP?

Crafting your UVP is to communicate your value to your potential clients.

According to Technorati, 2, 75,000 new posts are made every day, so the world is a busy place, filled with different products and services that add value to people.

Therefore, your UVP should be an attention grabber. You should be able to win over your potential clients in less than 10 seconds.

Your UVP has to be made in a precise and clear manner that directly address your client’s problem and how you’ll solve it.

Selecting the right words and using the language they understand is also very crucial.

Now, let’s craft a compelling UVP that specifically conveys benefits to your target clients.

The concise and straight forward template I have used and tested OK is the Geoff Moore’s value positioning statement.

Though there are several others but I find this suitable and doesn’t stress your readers.

I call it the For - Who – Our Value UVP format

For a business of content strategy and brand solutions for small business owners, your UVP can, therefore, appear like this

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Set your UVP right. It’s the only fact that stand you out of other competitors.

In the mind of your visitors, it offers a feeling of love at first sight and converts them a long time customer.

It’s also not a crime to improve on your UVP. It’s a matter of time till you get it right. So, this is the right time to start.

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