How To Build Your Expert Reputation and Boost Your Biz

09/15/2016 06:54 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2016
Jakolien Sok - Boosting Your Brand

One of the questions I get asked the most is: “How do I start building the reputation of my online business and or services?“

This is a true concern for many of my clients and students because, well frankly, the entire social media overload has them plain freaked out! They are so blinded by everyone telling them that they “must market on Facebook” or “buy more ads on Google” or “get Joint Venture partners to get more traffic” that they shut down and often take no action at all!

So what should you do to build your reputation?

My advice always starts and ends with the fact that one of the most important things that any business can have, whether offline or online is credibility.

It all starts with the time old tradition of? Yes, you guessed it: doing your job extremely well. There is nothing 2.0 or new about this concept is there? If your customers have experienced you and your services as high quality and high value for their money then, not only will they come back, but they’ll also give you earned marketing, which is the most valuable kind of all! They will give out your name to others and create, as I like to call it, ‘rumor around the brand’ with good old word of mouth. All entrepreneurs crave that word of mouth referral like there is no tomorrow because it kind of is the true holy grail of marketing.

How do you get a great reputation?

With online businesses, it can be a little bit tricky to grow word of mouth recommendations, simply because your customers might be from all around the world, and thus are less likely to ask each other for referrals as compared to people in a single community are. Like everything else about online businesses, it’s very possible to get the reputation you want, it just requires a bit of ingenuity and out of the box thinking. Seeing as you are an entrepreneur that surely will be nothing you can’t handle!

A very effective way to make a splash and name for yourself is to give away free content. This doesn’t always have to mean that you need to give out free products; though, certainly, if you can afford to do so, freebies are a great way to get a customer’s attention. It ties back to what I mentioned earlier. They need to experience your services or products before they can give out a recommendation. And there you have the famous catch 22, because people will only buy from you if they ‘Know, Like and Trust’ you. But therein lies exactly the problem, because they don’t know you yet.

If you don’t feel comfortable giving away free stuff, another way to go is give them your time. You can start by giving out your advice. You can write ‘How-To’ articles addressing a problem that you know your ideal prospective client is struggling with. By the way, if you don’t have that aspect quite figured out I suggest you get back to the drawing board! You can make tutorials or maybe start a weekly or monthly podcast with coaching advice if you are in that business. Giving your time by answering questions in various methods is a great way to draw in your ideal prospective clients who may not have originally been looking for your services, but advice about how to get a solution to their problem. Mind you, these passers by can rapidly become your ideal paying client if they believe in the strength of your advice and move themselves further down the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ path.

Start networking online

Another great way is to get involved with online forums or blogs with a large following or by engaging on your Facebook Page, Instagram or a Facebook Group in your niche. This is a great way to start building on your virtual word of mouth. Do make sure to actually participate and contribute to the conversations and don’t use it to just advertise and spam your prospective client into running the other way screaming. There are also great results to be made by answering other people's questions on f.i. Twitter. I have sold countless training days and services through Twitter alone! How do you get started? Search in the bios of Twitter users for keywords that match your niche, product, program or service. Start by following them and interacting with them. Start searching for and answering questions that fit your expertise and niche by searching on Twitter or using the #Hashtags and start building on your online credibility to further boost your biz and drive sales! Remember that a great reputation is hard to achieve and very quickly goes up in smoke if you don’t give great content, value or if you stop doing your job really well!

My Gift To You!

If you feel that you could use more of these strategies and would love to find out what my 6 secrets are on how to boost your brand successfully, then do make sure that you get your hands on your FREE copy of my eBook ‘Boost Your Biz’ and start applying those strategies in your business. In this eBook I give you advice on how you can finally become a successful marketer of your business without working 24/7 or being perceived as ‘salesy’!

I have been using these techniques in the last almost 10 years as a successful entrepreneur building multiple businesses. I am giving it away for free to help other entrepreneurs be successful and share my brownies as others have with me along the way.

To your success!

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