What is Internet Marketing?

09/24/2016 12:10 pm ET Updated May 08, 2017

Marketing (Marketing), also known as marketing, or marketing of Marketing, MBA, EMBA and other business management courses are the classic marketing as an important management module for managers and education included.

  Marketing is the creation, communication, dissemination and exchange of products, deliver value to clients, customers, partners and society as a whole of activities, processes and systems. Mainly refers to the process of marketing staff for the market to carry out business activities, sales practices.

  The basic definition of

  folding AMA definitions

  define the American Marketing Association [1] (American Marketing Association, AMA) is under:

  Marketing is the creation, communication, dissemination and exchange of products, customers, clients, partners and society as a whole the value of a series of activities, processes and systems.

  (This definition in July 2013 by the American Marketing Association, the Board unanimously review)

  folded Kotler defined North Face

  defined under the Philip Kotler emphasizes value-oriented marketing:

  marketing [1] is through the creation of individual and collective goods and value, and others with the free exchange of products and value to obtain its management process and is seeking a social thing needed.

  Folding glycopyrronium Ross definitions

  defined glycopyrronium Ross emphasized the purpose of marketing:

  the so-called marketing is in the changing market environment, designed to meet consumption needs and achieve business goals course of business activity, including market research, target marketing product development, product promotion and a series of market-related business activities of enterprises.

  Folding Kai Luosi define

  American scholar Keith Kai Luosi various marketing definitions into three categories:

  (a) is viewed as a marketing service to consumers theory.

  (B) emphasizing marketing is an understanding of social phenomena.

  (C) is that marketing through the sales channels of the company with the market linking process. This is a reflection of the complexity of marketing. 

  Folding non-academic definitions

  Jiang Taiwan through song interpretation of changes in marketing in "your marketing okay", the English Marketing made the following definition: "? What is marketing" would literally, the "marketing" in English is " marketing ", if the word is split into marketing market (market) and ing (English now be represented by the formula method) the two parts, that marketing can use" market present Progressive. "

  Worthy of note is that the concept and definition of marketing is not as mathematical formulas like standard forms, usually based on their own view of human understanding and experience, even if you are marketing management, usually will continue to update their definition of marketing, treat anyone, any so-called definitions are required to hold a prudent choice of attitude. There are some less common representation and understanding: Calender 2017

  marketing [1] is a process, in this process, an organization of the market for the production and profitability of activities; Mothers Day Images

  marketing [1] is to create and satisfy customer arts;

  marketing [ 1] is at the right time, the right place at the right price, the right information communication and promotional tools, to provide appropriate consumer market products and services;

  marketing [1] is to meet human needs and desires for the purpose of exchange by market potential becomes a reality exchange activities. More Articles Visit: Articles Based

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