Maybe What We Don't Want Is More Important Than What We Do?

10/03/2016 02:47 pm ET

In this most deplorable of all Presidential election cycles it seems little more can be said of Donald Trump that has not already been repeated over and over again. In short, he is a despicable human being and is no more qualified to be President than any other two-bit hustler or con man. His resiliency is a testament to the abject disgust and despondency felt by a large proportion of the electorate towards our governmental leaders and institutions. Ironically the most vocal critics of dysfunction are largely responsible for promoting it. The disciples of dysfunction include those most active in promoting obstruction over compromise, a perversion of the very foundation of representative democracy so carefully outlined in the Constitution that they so fervently profess allegiance to.

Trump is the poster child of dysfunction. He epitomizes all that is wrong with the system and is a living caricature of the spoils so lavishly lathered upon those who choose to game it for personal benefit rather than for common enrichment. We all know what Donald Trump is but maybe it is more important to highlight what he is not. To date, despite repeated efforts to expose him for his faults it appears as though the election not only will be competitive but actually a nail biter. So here is an attempt to take a different tact.

Donald Trump is not a caring individual. He is the antithesis of everything a loving parent would teach their children to become. He has no charitable instincts as evidenced by his absence of contributions to anything other than his own enrichment.

He is not a good husband. By virtue of his public pronouncements of infidelity it is somewhat surprising that he has managed to only be twice divorced.

He is not a good father. His extremely embarrassing references to his daughter Ivanka’s attractiveness and revelations that he would take advantage of that if only she were not his daughter is beyond lewd, it is borderline incestuous. No father possessing true love or an instinct for protection of his child would ever utter such salacious intent let alone even think about it.

He is neither smart nor intelligent. Smart people prepare and intelligent people have an ability to comprehend complex problems. The Donald shows no proclivity to do either as evidenced by his atrocious performance in the first debate.

He is not proficient with the English language. His complete inability to formulate a complete thought or a complete sentence should give anyone who values communication in a leader great pause.

He is not an adult. His inability to contain audible sounds of exasperation and nervousness coupled with juvenile facial expressions, bellicosity befitting a 5-year-old, and an uncontrollable need to reduce any and all discussion of serious issues to personal attacks belies the fact that this is actually a 70-year-old man.

He is not a successful businessman. It is becoming readily apparent that in fact he has little business acumen and is successful only to the extent that he takes advantage of a “rigged” system of tax dodges that benefit those willing to risk other people’s money.

He is not honest. The Donald is a cheapskate and refuses to abide by his obligations to pay for services rendered. Allegations of refusal to pay vendors raises questions of his ability to be honest, and after all if he is elected President we the people are his vendors.

He is not truthful. Donald Trump is simply incapable of telling the truth. He is a pathological liar who cannot keep from refuting his own words from one sentence to the next, one day to the next, one issue to the next.

He cannot control his libido. For anyone who has a daughter out there ask yourself whether you would be comfortable putting her in a situation, professional or personal, where Trump has an ability to express, with impunity, his assessments of her sexual compatibility with him.

So is this the type of person you want representing you and the nuclear arsenal that comes with the job? Is this the type of person you would want to even invite into your home? Would you let this person around your children? Would you even let this person around your pets?

Let’s sum up, an uncaring person, lousy father and unfaithful husband, stupid and unintelligible communicator, juvenile, dishonest, shady businessman and liar incapable of controlling his sexual libido. To those of you who believe this is the ideal candidate, Trump is your guy. But those folks will never read or understand any of this. But for those who still are debating whether or not to vote or whom to vote for, this is for you. Don’t let the stinging contempt of this treatise mask the seriousness with which it is presented. Sometimes it is better to look at problems from the standpoint of not necessarily what you want but rather what you do not want. Hopefully this helps.

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