Are You A Talkative? I Have Got Job Opportunities for You {Earn Up To $20’000 Or More}.

Sincerely I had been a talkative right from birth. I remember vividly mummy once told me that on the day of my delivery, I cried non-stop for more than 2 hours even after being cajoled to suck breast. Also I had been beaten quite a number of times for talking too much during my childhood days. Now that it is refined; I grew up to be a motivational speaker; I mean a SPEAKER.

So if you are a talkative just like me, then I’m proud to have you read this.

There are quite a number of regard a talkative would earn; a talkative is always talking, a talkative always above his/her fears, a talkative is persuasive, a talkative is always noticed, a talkative leads the discussion, a modest talkative is always respected.

As a matter of fact; do you know that there are quite a number of comfortable and well-paying jobs for you as a talkative?

Read below to find out highly paying jobs for talkative plus their requirements.

1. Sales Rep.

Pay-: This depends on the firm/organization you are working for. Some firm pays their sales rep according to the goods/ products sold or according to the number of customers the sales rep brings to patronize them. Sales rep of an organization earns $35’000 or more per month.

You, having the ability to talk at length is an advantage to you. There are so many industries and firm, in search for sales representative and are willing to pay even more as far as you meet up with their requirements and your skills are perfect.

A sales representative of a firm/organization, is someone who is in charge of the purchase and supply of the companies’ goods and services to potential customers. The work of a sales rep is to make the product of the organization known to consumers and persuade them to purchase it. Whether you are persuading potential customers in your fully air conditioned car; maybe a Ferrari, or you are persuading with a chattered taxi, or you are persuading them on your bike or you are persuading them with your legs. You are all chasing the same goal; to make sure they patronize your organization. And the truth is if they aren’t patronizing you will be fired {either with your Ferrari or whatever}.


· A sales rep must be a talkative

· A sales rep must be friendly

· A sales rep must possess a high persuasive skill

· A sales rep must be officially attractive as people tend to patronize officially attractive reps more.

· A sales rep must be generous and be ready to give instant offers that will attract customers.

· A sales rep must be disciplined

· And other requirements stated by the firm/organization.

2. Public Relations Officer

Pay-: {This depends on the firm/organization you are working with also depends on your negotiation skills}. The income a public relations officer for an organization earns $25’ 000 and above.

A public relation officer is the manager of the firm/organization’s reputation. S/he is the one who generates both support and make waver the client’s act and view. The public relation officer also adopts all communication techniques to make sure that the clients stay keyed and connected to the organization.

Being a talkative, you can use you are qualified to function in this field. Just check to balance the requirements below.


· A public relations officer must be a talkative.

· A public relations officer must be a skilled thinker. Utilizes various modes of thinking.

· A public relations officer must be good at transferring and disseminating valuable data/ information.

· A public relations officer must be disciplined.

· A public relations officer must be confidential.

· And other requirements stated by the firm/organization.

3. Smart Interpreters

Pay-: {This also depends on your skills and the kind of organization that calls for your service.} Smart interpreters earns $20’000 and above.

This job offer is open to any talkative who also understand various languages. You will be called upon for exhibitions, shows, and the likes. You will be required to be present at discussions between two or more parties who need to communicate but are having language barrier.

For example -: A foreign industry from Britain {English speaking country} wants to establish a branch office at France (French speaking country). During exhibitions and stage launching, they will require the service of a smart interpreter who will speak the right language to the citizens of that country to make them embraced and welcomed.


· A smart interpreter must be a talkative

· A smart interpreter must be friendly

· A smart interpreter must be able extraordinarily fast

· A smart interpreter must be a very attentive person

· A smart interpreter must understand and be able to speak diverse languages fluently

· A smart interpreted must have a high level of understanding

· A smart interpreter must be confident as interpretations only gives meaning when the words are spoken with confidence.

· And other requirements stated by the firm/organization.

4. Stage Comedian

Pay-: {Depends on your ability. It also depends on the kind of event you are called upon to function}. A pro. Comedian earns up to $2’000 or more per show}

“A comedian is an entertainer on stage or television whose act is to make an audience laugh.”

The truth is that “I love comedians”; I really do and many people love it too. Everybody needs a cause to smile, a cause to stay happy, a cause to laugh over the present situation forgetting about the difficult challenges. And comedians provides us with that cause.

People who knows how to talk tends to understand the principle of comedy and possess a practical ability of capturing their listeners’ emotions. Comedians are always called upon to be the M.C. {Master of ceremony} at big events.


· A comedian must be a talkative.

· A stage comedian must be interesting to be with.

· A comedian must possess a strong level of confidence.

· A comedian must have the ability to look out and observe people around you.

· A comedian must have a greater sense of humor.

· A comedian must have the ability to assume and make right guesses; your audience tend to love you more and always want you if you make the right guesses while on stage.

· A comedian’s appearance must be amusing.

5. Radio Presenter

Pay-: Depends on the organization you are working with. {Radio presenters earn $23’000 and above}

“A radio presenter is one who holds and anchors a program on radio.” They give trending gist, relevant gossips, they hold interviews, they host debates and lots more.

This is one of the best job someone who loves to talk can embrace. This job allows you to talk and interact directly and indirectly with hundreds of people at the same time on air.

A radio presenter has the privilege to speak out his/her mind as well as speak the mind of other people, s/he has the privilege of meeting with well-to-do people in the society; political leaders, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, big groups, artists and the likes. To hold discussions as well as interview them on radio and elsewhere.


· A radio presenter must be a talkative

· A radio presenter must be inquisitive

· A radio presenter must be fun filled so as not to make the listeners bored

· A radio presenter must be a patient listener

· A radio presenter must be always have points and counter points to debate with when necessary

· A radio presenter must be time conscious

· A radio presenter must understand and speak the general language fluently

· It is an added advantage for a radio presenter who understands different languages.

· A radio presenter must be a wide reader

6. Political Leader

Those who can talk and speak well, would find themselves shining in the political industries. To become a political leader, you must be able to talk well, and be able to persuade people to belief in you, promising them and fulfilling your promises.

As a matter of fact, the most serious work of a politician is the talking aspect”; a political leader who doesn’t know how to talk or does not like talking will get nervous one day; either during an interview, during a rally, during a societal turn-up or during a campaign.” I am sure you won’t want to withstand a flop. So it is better you leave the career {I mean the political career} for the talkative or you learn how to become a talkative.


· A political leader must be a talkative

· A political leader must be highly persuasive.

· A political leader must be tolerant.

· A political leader must be accommodating.

· A political leader must have a super judging skill.

· A political leader must be a wide reader.

· A political leader must be good at adopting new skills/techniques.

· A political leader must be smart.

· A political leader mustn’t be scared to take harsh decisions that will speak well of his/her office.

· A political leader must be a man/woman of his/her word. {The fastest way to ruin your political career is to make diverse promises and not fulfill one.

7. Public Speaker.

Here we are finally. Public speakers are all talkative; we talk at will and against our will.

This job is all about using your interactive skills and techniques to share your point of view over a particular subject matter as well as convincing others {your audience} to your perspective.


· A public speaker must be a talkative

· A public speaker must be a wide researcher

· A public speaker must be tolerant (as there are sometimes where your audience will give you a provoking response or ask irresponsible questions)

· And lots more.

Be kind enough to share this article to your talkative friends and make them proud of themselves.

Are there any other well-paying jobs for talkative that you feel I ought to have mentioned, then feel free to post it in your comments below and we would be glad to take a review!

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