Fast 15 Q and A with Actor, Writer, & Producer Jasper Cole!

11/07/2016 02:11 am ET
Actor, Writer, & Producer Jasper Cole!
Image Courtesy of Jasper Cole & Bridge and Tunnel Communications
Actor, Writer, & Producer Jasper Cole!

Recently had the great opportunity to catch up with Hollywood’s busiest “Bad Guy” Actor, Writer, and Producer Jasper Cole (CSI, MacGruber, Touched By an Angel, The Nanny, The Tonight Show) for the “Fast 15©” Q&A! His answers are in bold!

Favorite word: Yes

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite city: San Francisco

Favorite season: Spring

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Inspired most by : Mom and Dad

Most attractive trait in person: Sense of humor

Secret hobby: I’m addicted to reality TV!

What inspires me creatively: MONEY and working towards my pension! 

Favorite curse word: Starts with an F

Favorite sound: Water fountains

Favorite Food: Anything FRIED!

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Career Plan B: Psychologist

I’d love to hear the angels say: Welcome you always kept it real!

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