8 Tips for Beating Dry, Frizzy Winter Hair

11/08/2016 07:15 pm ET

I’ve dealt with some nasty frizzy hair over the years, having had long super-thick hair that is naturally on the dry side. I really couldn’t tell you what causes the frizz, I just know it has something to do with moisture and humidity. Upon doing a little research, I found that the reason hair goes frizzy, is that it loses moisture throughout the day, and of course dry cold weather is going to affect the moisture level in hair as well (which explains why my dry hair and living in such a dry cold climate in the winter really does such a number on my hair!).

To combat frizz, you need to hydrate and keep hair moisturized, otherwise, when it loses its own moisture, it lets outside moisture in that will do more harm than good, and in turn cause extra dryness and the dreaded frizz!  This is why it is so necessary to keep cuticles moisturized and sealed especially during the dry cooler months, in order to combat and keep away frizz!

Read on to discover my tips for helping your hair stay healthy, happy, hydrated and Frizz-Free This Winter!

8 Tips for Beating the Frizz

1. Use Coconut Oil on the Regular. I use it in place of a styling cream after styling my hair for the day. It locks in moisture, keeping frizz out, and gives my hair a super soft, smooth, shiny texture; not to mention the lovely tropical coconut scent makes me feel like its summer again! Just use a tiny little dab and smooth throughout the hair, focusing on the ends.

2. Wear a Hair Mask Over Night. -Wash your hair, then put in a hair mask. Braid Hair and sleep on it. When you wake and rinse out your hair, you’ll have softer, smoother, super hydrated hair that will be less like to dry up and frizz.

3. Wash with sulfate-free, Frizz-Reducing Shampoo (or one containing a lot of Glycerin) and Def Do Not Forget the Deep Conditioner! Glycerin hydrates the hair from the inside out (so does the conditioner!) as well as provides a protective coating over the hair, keeping moisture out, and frizz down. (Allure Magazine 2010) Tip: Rinse with cold water to lock in moisture and seal cuticles.

4. Sleep on a Silk pillowcase and trade that cotton or wool scarf in for a silk scarf. Cotton pillowcases, unfortunately, add to the frizz with all that rubbing while sleeping at night. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or tie up your hair in a silk scarf while sleeping. Be conscious of what you’re wearing this winter too as many coats, sweater, and scarf fabrics will add to frizz when rubbing against hair. Try to find and wear warm fabrics with a smooth texture.

5. Don’t forget to use thermal protectant spray before BlowDrying and/or styling hair. Again like Glycerin in shampoos, the ingredients in heat protectant sprays help seal the cuticle, and keep moisture from attacking the hair and making it go frizzy! Tip:When using heat styling products, turn the temp down to around 365 degrees for normal hair, as high temps will damage and dry out hair.

6. Use a Hair Dryer with built-in Ionic Technology.  It works great for sucking in the cuticle, leaving added moisture out that will induce frizz in the hair. Tip: Let your hair air dry about 90% of the way first, otherwise that blowdryer on super wet hair will work against you and dry out hair instead of keeping the natural moisture in. Also be sure to Blast with cool air from your dryer to also help lock in moisture and seal cuticiles.

7. Use a Styling Cream, Gel, or Pomade instead of hairspray. The alcohol from Hair Spray is Drying and will further induce frizz in the hair. Stick to products that do not contain alcohol and other drying ingredients.

8. Wash your Hair Less and Use Dry Shampoo More Often.  The less often you wash, the less frizzy and dry your hair will be as your natural hair oil will help moisturize and hydrate the hair. Worried about going several days with greasy, oily hair? I love using my Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo From Organic Beauty now. This gluten-free, cruelty-free Dry Shampoo is a sweet geranium-smelling loose powder that you apply to the roots and crown of the head, and rub in with fingers. It will instantly soak up that excess oil, leaving hair looking and smelling clean and fresh, like you just washed it! Bonus: Dry Shampoo is better for styling as it still has that natural somewhat-dirty texture that works best with updos. The Pure Glam Dry Shampoo is also a Winner in the 2016’s Yoga Journal’s Best of Natural Beauty Award.

It’s created using the finest natural ingredients including arrowroot, kaolin clay, and rice powder. This super convenient and easy to use dry shampoo helps to boost body and provide texture while absorbing excess oil that can leave your hair looking flat and dull. Tip: After applying dry shampoo, put hair up in a high bun and then let loose 5-10 minutes later for some crazy good volume!

Love that Hair, and have a happy frizz-free winter season!

Happy Beautifying!

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