Politically Correct is Dead, Long Live Reality Correct!

11/16/2016 02:25 pm ET
Politically Correct is Dead, Long Live Reality Correct!
Sharon Nir
Politically Correct is Dead, Long Live Reality Correct!

Oxymorons exist to test our awareness; a combination of two words that appear to be contradictory but which enclose a concealed point, like Politically Correct. How politics, a product of inclinations, manipulations, power-play, and personal interests could ever be or do right?

It turns out it cannot and it did not, because appropriate language is far from being a solution to deep-rooted, long-lasting, complex economic, social and cultural injustice issues. In fact, linguistic is the last thing on the worry-list of people who suffer from those problems. They will prefer any real solution over a kind definition.

Political correctness had characterized the Obama administration. It weakened the military, the police, and the United States’ position and influence around the world. It led to domestic social turbulence, and deterioration of law and order. The problems piled up and washed words replaced solutions for gun violence, Islamic terrorism, healthcare, inner-cities crime, bias-based policing, broken immigration system, middle-class economic crisis, and much more.

Political correctness, like artificial sweeteners, is absurdly sweet and in the wrong dosage also very bitter as proved in the 2016 elections. Millions of words fed-up voters showed up at the ballot box, put down political correctness, and on the way stuck out their tongues at the elite, the know-alls, the politicians, the media, the celebrities, the minorities, and everyone else who have used political correctness as a problem-solving tool. Instead, they chose reality correct.

So welcome to a nation in which a donkey is an ass, an uneducated white person from the rust belt is a powerful voter, 94 million followers on Twitter is merely a number, talk show/late show/morning show are light entertainment per se, and an establishment is a synonym of everything dysfunctional.

Say hello to reality correct that acknowledges the actual difference between good and evil, right and wrong, legal and illegal, reward and punishment, privilege and responsibly, victim and abuser, feasible and utopian.

In a reality correct nation, the police and the military have the power to act, and the administration is willing and prepared to help or defend them when they need or ask. Such nation trusts both the people who vowed to serve and protect, and the court to convict those who fall short.

Athletes who are sitting, kneeling or raising a fist in the air as the national anthem is played are condemned for being disrespectful and utterly ungrateful to the country that has given them an opportunity for self-expression.

Crybullies who are cynically using the political correctness climate as an excuse to abuse others are disgracefully dismissed. University professors can voice their opinions, speak freely and ignite a constructive discussion about real issues without fearing that anything they say can and will be used against them. In a reality correct nation, Yale offers a vacation in the Middle East or Africa to students who don’t feel safe or overwhelmed by the elections results or Halloween.

A person who shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ and murders innocent people in a night club or a crowded health center is an Islamic terrorist, and that is an act of terrorism, not a domestic violence incident closed captioned by foreign language.

Healthcare premiums that are rising by double digits are not only unaffordable but also outrages, and the claim that more people got insurance that didn't have before, is entirely irrelevant when they cannot come up with the money to cover it.

In a reality correct nation, a president who cannot negotiate and collaborate with Congress, forced to issue executive orders that can be rescinded, and cannot find a way to yank out the country of stagnation should either be creative or resign.

Some people who have doubtfully gained from political correctness or cynically abused it will surely miss it. They will protest on the streets, in some cases violently, forgetting that the intention of their grief subject is primarily not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society, in this case, half the voters who had a different selection than theirs.

In due time, we’ll know if this era of reality correctness has changed things for better or for worse, but we ought to give it a real chance.

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