How To Not Get Screwed By App Developers.

11/18/2016 02:06 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2016

Hi everyone.

In this post I am going to show you some tips how to not get screwed by app developers?

Note: These tips were suggested by one of my guys.

I asked him some questions, and he gave me some advises.

Let’s dive in and see what are those questions are out there that were asked by me, and tips that were suggested by him.

Washington DC, - Boon Info Tech is a leading mobile app development company based out of Washington DC and serves clients all across the world.

Boon info Tech’s leadership team possesses over 50 years of combined experience, having created mobile apps in various business verticals and marketed them successfully.

Over the last 3 years, they’ve built a reputation for highest quality mobile apps and execution for a diverse clientele and delivering consistent results for their investors. Boon Info tech take pride in the company’s core values, its systematic approach and hiring the best talents available in the market.

I spoke with Kelvin Boon, the firm’s motivated CEO to get some advice on how to build a successful mobile app.

1. What are the main pillars of Mobile App Development you follow at Boon Info Tech?

“Three pillars of mobile app development are time, scope and cost. All these components are variables and when a company tries to make all these components constant, project will definitely fail. At Boon Info Tech we only make two components constant, Time and Cost. We allow scope to change because no client can determine the scope of a mobile app at the start of the project.”

2. How does this approach results in successful mobile app?

“If we make the scope of the app a variable component, clients will have zero surprises from cost and time standpoint. This allows all our clients to plan their marketing budget, building a team to manage their business which results in saving a ton of money. This approach also allows our clients to change the scope or features of a project when they receive feedback from the app users. This flexibility is really huge to complete the app with the planned development budget. To be effective in building your product you MUST understand the implications of the iron triangle.

Recognize that the iron triangle must be respected. The iron triangle refers to the concept that of the three critical factors – Price, Time or Scope – at least one must vary otherwise the quality of the work suffers. Nobody wants poor quality software, otherwise why build it?

Therefore, the implication is that at least one of the three must be allowed to vary. The problem is that when you try to define the exact level of quality, the exact cost, the exact schedule, and the exact scope to be delivered, you virtually guarantee failure because there is no room for a development team to maneuver.”

3. So basically you are saying is that you don't have any hidden cost to develop an app if a client works with Boon Info Tech?

“Exactly, our clients can plan their development budget, marketing budget, branding and expansion budget at the start of the development. They have more flexibility to add features or change features of the app in the middle of the development cycle which allows them to create a high quality and stable app with all the features they need. There is no hidden cost when a client works with Boon Info Tech. You cannot operate under the assumption that you can think and plan everything ahead of time with Software Development.

Instead, you should embrace change and be constantly looking to improve your product along the way under the right development model. Software development by nature is not entirely predictable. It is unlike buying a product.

At Boon Info Tech we recognize this rule and include these unexpected developments in a way not affecting our clients. ”

4. Do you use any industry standards or procedure to develop a mobile app?

“Yes we use agile methodology while developing an App. These are the rules of agile methodology. • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, responding to change over following a plan. Quality improves because testing starts from day one. Visibility improves because you are actually 1/2 way through the project when you have built 1/2 the features. Risk is reduced because you are getting feedback early with every feature being ‘working software’. Customers are happy because they can make changes without paying exorbitant change request costs”

5. What if a competitor launches the exact same idea overnight? Or what if you come up with a game-changing feature mid-way through development?

“The World’s Best Tech Entrepreneurs Need Flexibility. As an entrepreneur who wants to build the best product possible, you WILL get great ideas along the way (both feedback from beta testers or just as your idea evolves through the process) and. You should be able to change your product at anytime throughout

The development process without being charged for it. Otherwise the developer is in fact getting in the way of you bring the best version of your product to market.

Boon InfoTech believes in a ‘Lean Methodology’ approach in which you can take on learning and improve your product over the entire development process.

6. How do you make sure the App is following the client requirements?

“ Rather than wait right till the end of development to start getting real, functional builds our Agile development model let’s you get functional builds with real work features every week with fully designed, developed and tested features.

You get your highest priority features first in a fully functional format so that you can start getting real feedback on a real product .

In a lot of cases, you may be able to launch a product 50-70% of the way through development to start getting real world feedback in a way in which you can use your rest of the features more effective.” Hence, Boon Info Tech is successful in creating value and quality apps for their clients.

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