May The Force Be With Me

11/30/2016 10:59 am ET Updated Dec 01, 2016

Lately, between my daughter’s applying to college – she’s planning on studying aerospace engineering – and my fear of staying in the United States – #ImStillWithHer – I’ve been wondering whether heading for outer space might be the best plan. Who wants to settle a Mars colony? My daughter is game. And, even though she’s just months away from turning 18, I can’t possibly let her cross the solar system alone.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my research.

Before we head to Mars, we’re planning a trip to visit my family in Colorado. The moon has Mount Marilyn and the Sea of Tranquility. Mars has craters and stuff. Colorado seems like a decent test run.

So while I’ve been doing my research, I’ve been pretty psyched to discover a LOT of space-themed activities out there in the Rockies.

First stop? University of Colorado, known for its top-notch programs in aerospace engineering, cosmology, and astrophysics. Now, I’m a lawyer. I became a lawyer because I did not want to be a scientist. But I think I’m going to need to know how to land my space capsule on the moon and how to grow potatoes if my daughter abandons me on Mars and I’m all out of Thanksgiving dinner. If I’ve got to do science, I figure I’ll do it with the best (and sit next to my daughter in class and make sure that no male future astronauts try to propose some ways to kill boredom on the six-month journey to the red planet). Plus, on December 5, they’re screening a miniseries about Mars. Research, people. It’s all about research.

Next up? The Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They’ve got a show going now called Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure. Supposedly I’ll find out how to travel the solar system faster than the speed of light – could be handy if I have to be at work in Philadelphia for a meeting while I’m living on Mars.

Next stop? I’m doubting I’ll win the lottery this week, but if I do, I’m totally bidding on passes to the “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” premiere in Los Angeles. Co-star Forest Whitaker is partnering with IfOnly to offer his personal allotment of premiere passes to benefit the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative. He’s even included his after-party passes. Surely, at a party for a Star Wars movie, I can pick up some intergalactic tips.

And last? The Denver Art Museum, which is featuring a Star Wars costume exhibit through April. They’ve got stuff from the droids. They’ve got Darth Vader’s black armor. They’ve got info on how to design space costumes – and I’m guessing I’ll need a new outfit every year or so, once I’m settled in my Mars colony. It wouldn’t do to have the other colonists see me in the same dang thing every decade.

And as for eating potatoes for years? NOT. Not only will the Art Museum inspire my wardrobe, but it’s got my menu covered, too. At Palettes, a Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group restaurant, they’ve got a whole Star Wars themed selection on the menu. I can chow down on C3PO (a vegetable salad with gold Citrus 3 Pea pOds, among other things), “The Dark Side” chocolate terrine, and “Java”-dusted hanger steak.

May the Force be with me.

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