Announcing a new way to keep New Year's resolutions working

Everybody makes New Year's resolutions, yet few people keep them. Whether they promised to lose weight, stop smoking, or behave better toward family, the chances are very slim that they will keep up their new behavior for long. people try to summon up willpower and try to use their entire conscious mind to force changes through; but as soon as they become distracted, bored, tired, or discouraged, the old habits pop right back into place.

Until now. A radical new method of effective mental change has just been created, called Aikinosis. Could it give the power to tame the out-of-control minds?

Professor Jay Tee, the "21st Century Hypnotist" has been developing his new technique for years, and he has finally decided to let it out from under wraps.

My online hypnosis clients come to me not because they can't make the changes that they want, but because they can't keep them going. Everyone says they want to change, but my clients are wrong. Their whole mind doesn't want to change. Only the conscious mind, the weakest part of all, really wants to change and improve. The other parts of the mind dont want to change at all.

Do the Professors clients have multiple-personality disorder?

Professor Jay Tee laughs at the question, No, not at all! This is how the mind truly works. We have a bunch of competing pieces with different goals. We have different unconscious pieces with carrying goals and objectives. And then we have the poor conscious mind thinking it runs things. Wrong! The unconscious is incredibly powerful compared to the conscious mind. Any direct attempt to force change will inevitably fail. So people have to cause indirect changes, and gently lead the unconscious to want to go in a new direction.

How does he cause those changes to happen in the mind?

"I developed a new hypnosis method I call Aikinosis, because it blends the martial art of Aikido with the powerful mental techniques of hypnosis therapy. In Aikido, since you can't fight a powerful attacker directly, you transform their energy. You move off center slightly, allow their energy to flow past, and apply a certain twist as they pass then you have control of them!"

"It was hard to translate this physical technique into an effective hypnotherapy technique that took years of trial and reformulation. But now I rapidly teach my clients how to 'twist' their thinking, take control of their powerful bad habits, and redirect them to more useful purposes. I'm amazed at what my clients have already accomplished using Aikinosis, and excited at future possibilities once other hypnosis practitioners begin using it as a therapy tool. We can do the world a world of good!"

Planning to keep resolutions this time? Ready to take control of the whole mind? Ready for real change? Get the Aikinosis by online hypnotherapy directly from Professor Jay Tee at Professor Jay Tee travels from his home in Kobe, Japan for hypnosis entertainment shows and training seminars, and he already incorporates Aikinosis into the Hypnotic Marvels change seminars for corporations.

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