Our Favorite Winter Essentials To Keep You Warm

How are you keeping warm this winter? We found picks that we didn’t even know existed. Now we can’t live without them.

Brevity Do Anything Jacket In times of winter chills and yet still yearning to a day when you don’t have to look like a marshmallow in a puffy coat to leave the house, look to the Brevity Do Anything Jacket. With luxurious vegan leather it’s not only stylish, but comfortable. Not to mention, it features a top-of-the-line inner lining which remains soft, smooth, and just like the “cool side of the pillow” that makes this jacket as equal as any luxury brand jacket, without the price tag.

Serta Heated Chair Cover The coveted seat warmer in automobiles is indeed available for your favorite armchair in your home. Serta brings to you the perfect chair cover—a heated one. When the fireplace just isn’t hitting the right spots, warm yourself up this winter with the product that will surely keep you plopped on the chair for hours with immeasurably pleasurable warmth. Tested and loved by our grandparents. Its 100% polyester microsuede fabric is soft and washable that will keep the skin-tingling warmth for the winters to come.

StowerEnergy Introducing the world’s first portable, candle-powered generator for your phone. It’s not a battery, it’s not solar-powered. Harnessing the power of a burning flame and some water, FlameStower is able to charge up your smartphone or lights while camping or in an emergency situation. With simple steps of filling the basin with water and lighting the candle, you are able to fully power your device with the only need to replace the water every 30 minutes. Why use manual labor in emergency power handcrank generators or wait for the sun to rise for solar power when you can have on-the-go energy, provided by the lovely hands of Mother Nature. For more heavy duty users, check out their high-power FlameStower that can simultaneously serve as a cooking stove for all of your adventurous expeditions.

Torch Coat Heater For the winter nights when the warmth a coat provides just can’t come fast enough, enter Torch Coat Heater. With easy and quick installation, your coat can transform into an automatic, personal heater adjustable with four different settings. Perfect for night workers, winter sport athletes, or Pacific coasters traveling eastwards this time of year (you know who I’m talking about). Providing up to 5 hours of heat on a single charge, the Torch Coat Heater is a necessity and should be embedded in every coat. It’s heat on demand, when you need it the most.

Vornado VMH600 If you’re anything like me, winter months are when the gas bill goes skyrocketing high with the heater and fireplace on full power. Desperate to look for an alternative to the gas-sucking monsters, we found the Vornado VMH600. Running on electricity and sporting two LED panels and auto-climate control, we found this bad boy to be the solution to all of our dreams. Using Vortex Action airflow to heat the entire room, the Vornado will adjust to your perfect, ideal temperature. With a cool-touch cabinet encasement and emergency auto-safety shut off, you are able to heat your room without fear. The included remote control only adds to the ease to which you can use this product. Heat your room, not your whole house, let Vornado do the work.

BRZBrands Hot Art The love child of artistic flair and cozy warmth BRZBrands’ HotArt is artwork with a twist, an interior heating panel. Functional art never seemed so useful until HotArt came around. The most gorgeous space heater is both cost-efficient and space-efficient. Your guests will never guess where the heat is emanating from. Select from a variety of stock art or upload your own and enjoy the art, while staying warm.

Broken Homme Jaime Boot Broken Homme’s line of accessories includes a variety of boots, oxfords, even clothing. But our favorite is the Jaime Boot comprised of full grain leather and lined with merlot full grain pig leather. Created and made in Los Angeles, California, these boots are great for hiking, traveling, or just walking down the street, but walking down the street in style.

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