Make Government Suck: The Long Con on the American Public

02/10/2017 10:43 am ET

Yes, Donald Trump is nominating members of his cabinet based on the size of their campaign donations. And not only are these people incompetent and unfit to serve they are handpicked as part of the long con of the American people that Republicans have been playing since Ronald Reagan got laughs with "I'm from the government, I'm here to help."

If it isn’t painfully obvious by now, President Trump, with the help of his eager transition team, has systematically chosen for his cabinet, not the best or brightest or most qualified to serve the core missions of the agencies they will be running, but rather the people most qualified to destroy the agencies’ core missions. These missions include clean air and water, health care, social safety, transportation safety, homeland security, education for all and so much more that we take for granted because they actually work.

When Betsy DeVos gets done with the Department of Education, there won't be a Department of Education, nor even a functioning public school system in America. The same goes for the Environmental Protection Agency under Scott Pruitt which might end up simply replacing the P in EPA with Polluters. Health and Human Services head Tom Price is openly opposed to any government health assistance. And the nominee for Labor Secretary, tasked with protecting workers, Andrew Puzder is a serial violator of worker rights.

It’s clear that Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp” is just a part of the con and we are supposed to blindly accept this pledge as the swamp is in reality being drained right into Trump’s cabinet.

The decades long con we’ve seen Republicans playing has as its central theme, that government is what is wrong with all our ills. Through constant and focused messaging through all available channels they have set us up for the final switch that seals the con. We’re the mark folks, and President Trump is now serving as the functional face of the final stage of the con. If government sucks so badly in reality, rather than simply in messaging, the con will be complete and the duped American public will in our ignorant bliss give over the services and protections we depend on in favor of the profiteering scheme that is sure to replace the “broken” bureaucracy.

Every con, however, is always teetering on the edge of failure. If the intended mark, us, wises up or the con man slips, the con is over. So, we have to wise up and help others around us do the same. We have to speak out but we also have to listen, and learn, and link the falsehoods of the con to the reality.

In the age of 24 hour news, social media, and a ton of reactionary sharing and consumption, breaking through can be a challenge.

Activist composer, song writer, and president of the SoCal ADA, Clifford J. Tasner has produced the above piece highlighting the absurd nature of the Trump/GOP long con to Make Government Suck.

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