This Valentine's Day: Expect Romance and Sexual Liberation!

02/14/2017 04:59 pm ET

If you like the idea of having an exciting romance that includes passionate sex, this Valentine’s Day may be what you’ve been waiting for. But you’ll have to thank your “lucky stars!”


A sizzling romance and a sexually liberating love relationship may come into your life, if the planet Uranus transits (i.e. moves) into the 5th House of your horoscope. In astrology, this house is known as the House of Love, Romance and (recreational) Sex!

When transiting Uranus is in the 5th House of your birth chart, it’s an exciting period of life to seek out new ways of self-expression and creativity in your love life. If you don’t have a lover, this will be the time that you will take risks to find one.

You’re feeling free to experiment, and have experiences you’ve never had before. Uranus is a planet that brings the “unexpected” into your life. That means that you may meet this new romantic interest somewhere unusual or off the beaten path: at the scene of an accident, while on a date, at a doctor’s office, on jury duty, on the bus or on the Internet.

If you do this, Uranus will bring you liberation, freedom and newness into your life, especially in the area of romance. You’ll also find yourself more sexually free than you’ve ever been in a relationship. (Note: To learn where Uranus is in your horoscope - see the end of this article.)

This could be your most exciting Valentine’s Day! The reason why is that the planet Uranus often brings an unconventional romance into your life with a person you would normally not have a romance, such as someone of a different social class, ethnicity, or of very different age than you. You feel an immediate chemistry with this person. This is when lighting may strike and Cupid will shoot his arrow into your heart.

Shortly thereafter, you may find yourself saying to a friend, “I can’t believe, I’m going out with someone so young!” or “I can’t believe I’m attracted to someone from that part of the world!” or “I can’t believe I’m going out with someone who does ‘that’ for a living!”

Your new romance may cause you to rebel against traditional family or societal norms. Expect family and friends to say, “What has gotten into you?” When Uranus transits your 5th house, the romance you experience at this time will force you to break from any conventional tendencies you might have, to ones that are more flexible and adaptable. That’s precisely what will make it exciting for you.

Expect Passion and Volatility

If you’ve ever said to a friend, “I am so tired of meeting the same boring men (or women). I want to meet someone who gets my juices going, makes my blood hot and gives me fever!”—be careful of what you wish for, because Uranus may bring it to you!

During this time, be prepared to experience romances that are passionate, exciting, volatile, but not necessarily long-lasting. They may turn into “on/off, on/off,” relationships that are quite unstable. That may be the very element that excites you most about it.

Since Uranus brings the influence of volatility to romances, you may find yourself attracting exciting romances that suddenly start as passionate affairs, yet end just as quickly. Or, a love affair may suddenly come into your life, causing an end to a relationship that had existed in your life for some time. That’s precisely what happened for a friend (I’ll call) Mary.

Mary had been in a safe but rather uninspiring relationship with Stan for the last six months. They did interesting and fun things together, but there was no spark or exciting sexual chemistry. She considered Stan a “placeholder.” He seemed to be “Mr. Right – for now,” not “Mr. Right – forever.”

Her life took an amazing turn one day as she was riding up the elevator to work. A good-looking, well-dressed young man of color, with a dark tan, stepped in the elevator. He had to be at least 12 to 15 years younger than she. She stared at him, as a risqué thought crossed her mind, I wonder what he would be like in bed? Their eyes met as they stared at each other, and finally he introduced himself. He said he was new to the office building, having just arrived in the country, and suggested they have a drink to get acquainted. She surprised herself by accepting.

They experienced an amazing chemistry as they talked over cocktails, which led to a wild evening back at his apartment. From there, they saw each other every day enjoying fun activities and a hot romance she’d never had before. In order to make time for her new love, Mary told Stan that it was over between them. Meanwhile, she felt liberated from the prim and proper woman she’d been in the past, free to be a woman who was enjoying the most exciting affair of her life as Uranus transited her 5th House.

Uranus energies bring great instability to a relationship at this time. But they’re sooooooo exciting because they take you away from the more routine, predictable relationships you’ve had in the past. In fact, if such a relationship eventually becomes too stable and routine, you may no longer remain interested because you’ll be bored. After all, it’s the very instability of the relationship that keeps you fascinated and excited to keep it going. Such is the nature of Uranus’ influence on romance as it transits this House.

Uranus energies demand freedom! So, even if you do find yourself enjoying the excitement and passion of new romance, you’ll resent any attempt by the other person to tie you down and take away your freedom. In other words, you will not tolerate a new love interest becoming possessive of you. Therefore, you should enjoy dating and short-term relationships, even if they don’t last a long time. Actually, you may find yourself purposely, “playing the field,” avoiding long-term commitments at this time, since they may restrict you socially. You may want to be free as a bird during this transit.

Get Ready to Be Sexually Liberated

This can also be a very sexually exciting time because Uranus’ influence brings out your unconventional nature. Are you ready to “get ur freak on?” If you’ve been wanting to let your hair down and be crazy like your friend, who makes you blush, telling you about the wild places she and her husband make love, this is a period in your life when you could get your wish. Uranus’ energies remove your inhibitions and give you a sense of freedom to experiment in your sex life, if you’re so inclined. If you’re married, this may be the time when you re-energize sex in your marriage, making it exciting once again. Also, know that it can be a time when a married person might be tempted to engage in extramarital affairs.

Certainly, whether you’re in an intimate relationship or single, you may be very sexually stimulated and feel free of the restrictions that have tempered your sexual freedom in the past. There’s nothing holding you back from doing whatever you please! It’s as if a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’re feeling independent, in a unique frame of mind to seek adventure, experiment, and be sexually liberated in ways you’ve never been before, as David discovered.

David was raised with very Christian values that included remaining a virgin and saving himself for marriage. Being abstinent had been a way of life for him for many years. Quite frankly, it was a challenge to remain a virgin amidst so many friends who felt free to enjoy sex before marriage. He felt envious at times when his college friends would come home from dates and tell him about their sexual experiences at some wild frat party. The truth was he lived vicariously through his roommate Jim who had regular sex with his girlfriend. However, David remained steadfast and committed to being abstinent until marriage.

That changed when Uranus transited his 5th House and he began having wild and rebellious thoughts, asking himself why he was so committed to not having sex before marriage. What was the point? Growing up he’d succumbed to both parental and religious pressure but now he was free to make his own decisions and live his life as he thought best. He felt an urgent need to assert his independence and enjoy the forbidden fruit of pre-marital sex.

One evening he went to a get-together at a friend’s house where he bumped into Jessie, a very attractive girl he’d met at several other parties. She seemed very interested in him. As they chatted, she was easy to talk to, asking lots of questions about his life and social background. He was open in discussing his religious upbringing and limited experience in relationships. She surprised him by confiding her own dilemma about saving herself for marriage, after being raised by a strict, church-going father. Then she excited him by telling him about the first time she had sex, how much she loved it and the freedom it brought her.

She talked about her experience in such a natural and inviting way that he found himself aroused and attracted, as if he’d finally found his liberator. Reading his mind, she leaned over mischievously whispered in his ear, grabbed his hand, walked with him into a bedroom and locked the door. When he came out, he felt like a new man.

That’s how quickly and spontaneously Uranus can bring you an experience that will change your life. If Uranus is transiting your 5th House of Love, Romance and Sex, expect the unexpected! There is no better time for your romantic life to change then on Valentine’s Day!

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