The Perfect Motivations To Keep At Your New Years Resolution

02/24/2017 03:56 pm ET Updated Mar 01, 2017

We get it, it’s February. It’s hard. Maybe you made your resolution a little bit tipsy pre 12am but you’re going to hold yourself to it because hey, you got this. But, if you’re feeling like your New Years Resolution is beginning to go the wayside, these products are here to help.

BiiSafe Find your items fast with BiiSafe Buddy, a GPS tracking tool that will help you find your missing keys in a snap. It works both ways too, lose your phone and the Buddy will help you by ringing your phone for you! With more than 4x the battery life of its competitors, BiiSafe always will have your back in keeping your belongings in sight and the stress of losing them , out of your mind.

UPRIGHT Make this the year you fix your posture. Upright is the electronic equivalent of your grandmother telling you to “Sit up straight!” This piece of wearable technology will gently vibrate anytime your posture gets out of range to strengthen core muscles, prevent back pain, and train your muscles to fight fatigue. Alongside its companion app, UPRIGHT will truly make a difference in anyone’s posture in as short as a few weeks.

Instant Pot One of the most famous cooking appliances this year, Instant Pot will finally get your next kitchen creations from off the recipe book pages and onto the dinner table. When you have the ease of Instant Pot at your fingertips, you’ll stay away from take-out and keep your stomach, and your wallet, full. This 7-in-1 pressure cooker makes literally almost every everything and does all of the cooking for you with the one-pot-shop mentality.

AUS-ION Satin Creating the most comfortable pan with half the weight of cast iron, AUS-ION has created evolutionary cookware without the rivets, without the heft, but all the seasoning and cooking power. This is not just a pan, but a cooking machine that will help you create wonders out of your kitchen.

Furi To match the cooking power of the cookware and appliances, Furi’s stainless steel knife set seamlessly cuts, chops, and dices without tearing. Used by leading chefs worldwide, you’ll be able to harness the capacity of Michelin star chefs all without leaving the confines of your own kitchen counter.

DxO ONE If hobby-making was on your resolutions list, DxO ONE is the product for you. This miniature pro camera turns any iPhone into a photographer’s toolkit. With a 1” sensor capturing at 20.2 megapixels and f/1.8 aperture, this camera is nothing but a beast. Put the power to take beautiful, award-winning photos all in your back pocket. Don’t let the costs of a fancy DSLR camera and the many, many lenses hold you back from learning a new art form.

ShotBox To accompany the camera, ShotBox has the perfect photo studio in a box with their lightbox that comes with its own carrying case, arm extension, and array of backdrops. Using high powered LED lighting and a no fuss setup, you can create your own studio on your desk and transport it just as fast, giving you no excuse not to pursue that hobby you’ve been itching to try. We loved the ease at which we could set the whole thing up.

TicWatch TicWatch keeps you on top of your schedule and life to make sure that you’re always on time. This smartwatch is your personal assistant on your wrist, minus the hourly pay. With hands-free calling, built-in GPS, and screen notifications you’ll always stay in the know.

Sensoria Sensoria Fitness provides runners with artificial intelligence powered athletic wear that helps you analyze and improve your runs. Acting as a personal trainer, Sensoria products can monitor your heart rate or provide accurate step-counting without the necessity of lugging extra equipment while you run—just the clothes on your back. Truly revolutionary to the fitness world, you’ll want to run several miles just to try these out.

Night Runner 270 And while on the topic of running, Night Runner 270 let’s you keep running from dusk ‘til dawn by lighting up your pathway. These LED lights clip onto your shoelaces with a water-resistant, high-impact casing meaning you can run without worries. Start a trend with these Night Runners—you’ll be the coolest one on the block by far.

FORM Lifting The workout buddy that is always with you, FORM lifting provides step-by-step guidance on lifting and lets you get instant feedback on your lifts allowing you to improve your speed, efficiency, and help you stay safe. With its amazing side-by-side training app, you can train like the pros and get in shape.

QLIPP The tennis sensor that measures your stroke saves you the penny of a personal coach while letting you improve your game. QLIPP is a revolutionary product that is endorsed by the pros the let you learn like the pros. Analyzing speed and spin helps you perfect your every hit. Letting smart technology infuse itself into the sports world lets everyone learn and is truly amazing.

Physiclo For the easiest way to up the intensity of a workout, Physiclo’s Pro Resistance Shorts act as resistance bands around your legs to get that extra level for your exercising. Perfect for adding just the right amount of resistance for running, cycling, or lifting, these shorts are the most efficient and easiest way to do more work by doing less.

Perfect Kitchen PRO Maybe your resolution is learning how to be the perfect bartender. Perfect Kitchen PRO is one way to get there. With a companion app that teaches you every drink recipe you could possibly know, the scale helps you get just the right of amount of parts gin, part lime, part tonic, without the need for guesstimating. After your drinks, Perfect Kitchen can get you to baking the flawless cookies or cupcakes and making yummy smoothies, all through its extraordinary smart scale. If you had to merge one smart tech device into you kitchen, Perfect Kitchen is it.

PicoBrew In the name of hobby-making, homebrewing is one of the most respected and, honestly, down-right coolest. PicoBrew makes the process easy from beginning to end. With the PicoBrew, you can create high-quality fresh craft beer in the luxury of your own home from eco-friendly grain and hops PicoPaks that make the whole process, from grain to glass, only 1 week long. Check out their wide selection online and create your own, signature beer. The ease and user-friendliness of this device makes this the perfect countertop addition to your kitchen or dining room, and the perfect toy to get the party started at your home.

WISP will help you clean and keep clean your home. With its simplistic yet incredibly useful step-on dustpan and electrostatic bristles, WISP makes cleaning a one-handed job. WISP is truly the miracle product of cleaning that will make your chores, well, less of a chore.

AWAY Travel If you resolution is to travel, AWAY provides the perfect carrying solutions to get there. Instead of mix-matched carry-ons and check-ins, get a set of AWAY and truly get away. With its strong interiors and built-in carry-on battery, there’s no stopping your jet-setting self. Our favorite features were the smooth Hinomoto wheels that will let you fly, literally, across the airports just like that. It comes with its own compression pack to separate the dirty from clean and let you maximize your space while avoiding the massive multiple check-in fees.

Whirly Board Learn how to balance train with Whirly Board. Using a skateboard deck as the foundations and a center balance ball for tilt, Whirly Board lets you train in the comforts of your own home for sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. We loved trying the Whirly Board because we could sense our own progression day-by-day as we started off just being able to barely stand straight to doing small tricks like spins. This balance board is small enough to fit in any apartment or home, but great enough to make any person into a balancing master.

PowerBlock offers the world’s best dumbbells used by trainers and athletes around the globe. With adjustable weights, the U90 Stage 1 Set is able to adjust from 15 to 50 pounds instantly. This state-of-the-art system also comes with two adder weights that lets you incrementally adjust your workout to your needs. The perfect at-home gear for fitness buffs lets you bring the gym home, without the need for 20 different pairs of weights.

The One Smart Piano is the single-handed best way to learn how to dance your fingertips across the keys. Available in both keyboard and standing upright pianos, you can connect your tablet, phone or computer to sync sheet music which will allow LED lights to guide your fingers in playing true masterpieces. As a 10 year pianist, the weighted keys are game-changing and the companion app speaks volumes in getting any one from punching at the keys with Chopsticks to playing Bach, Beethoven—all the classics. True craftsmanship and expert musician insight went into the creation of this piano; this product is simply amazing.

Vitamix S Series Vitamix has been the forerunner of the blender biz for years and that’s because they make flawless blenders, without fail. Their blenders are designed with walk-a-way convenience meaning you can hit the button and go on and do your thing. The blades are sharp and efficient and always smoothly blend even the hardest frozen fruits. The personal travel container attachment only adds to the force that this blender rules amongst its competition; blend your morning breakfast smoothie straight into the travel cup and off you go. Who would have thought smoothie making could be this easy at home (and cleanup too—just toss it in the dishwasher!)

Convenience Concepts Convenience Concepts furniture is all over top rated Amazon lists for a reason—its simply the best. If your resolution is to vanquish the clutter, this is your solution. Our personal favorites? Designs2Go X-Tra Storage Cabinets that their down from 3 to 2 to 1 to line up your wall with gorgeously designed and flawlessly built cabinets. They are easy and fast to build in under 30 minutes (which is miracle work for most cabinets). Designed to uplift your room and suck up your clutter, Convenience Concepts is the storage brand to look to.

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