Venus Retrograde (Mar. 6—Apr. 15) Could Bring You a Fated Love Relationship

02/24/2017 12:00 pm ET

When Venus goes retrograde a fated love relationship may come into your life and have you singing the lyrics to that old Frank Sinatra song:

"That Old Black Magic"
That old black magic has me in its spell That old black magic that you weave so well Those icy fingers up and down my spine The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine The same old tingle that I feel inside And then that elevator starts its ride And down and down I go, round and round I go Like a leaf that's caught in the tide I should stay away but what can I do? I hear your name and I'm aflame Aflame with such a burning desire That only your kiss can put out the fire 'Cause you are the lover I have waited for The mate that fate had me created for And every time your lips meet mine Darling, down and down I go, round and round I go In a spin, loving the spin that I'm in Under that old black magic called love

Venus, in Roman mythology, is known as the goddess of love, romance, and beauty. She is also known for her seduction and feminine charms.

In your horoscope, the planet Venus rules beauty, art, social relationships, partnerships, romance, love, values, money, and financial security.

When Venus goes retrograde, as it will from March 6 to April 15, 2017, fate may, indeed bring a special love relationship into your life. But from a cosmic point-of-view, it also may bring you some other problems.


It is not a favorable time for initiating activities in the areas of life that Venus rules because your perception is off kilter. In the case of Venus retrograde, you should slow down and reassess what—and—who you value.

Unfortunately, you are likely to be tested during this time when it comes to matters of romance, especially if you are tempted to make any major changes in your love life.

Here’s how your love life may be affected and what to do about it.

Avoid beginning a new relationship or ending the one you are in

Since Venus rules love relationships, the retrograde is not a time for “moving forward,” into a new love relationships or changing the status of one you are already in.

The reason is because—you’re not operating from a practical place of objectivity about your needs. Your heart is totally plugged into love, romance and sensuality. As a result, you may be so attracted to someone that you cannot see how they can do any wrong. That’s why, if you’ve just met someone, just enjoy them without feeling a need to tell all your relatives and friends, “this is the one.” If you’ve been dating someone for a while, take a breath before you escalate your romantic commitment. If you’ve been in a serious relationship for some time, hold off a little longer to propose.

Until you are sure about a new or old relationship, avoid making any emotional based or hasty decisions to commit to or to end a relationship until Venus goes direct on April 15.

The good news is that existing relationships aren’t adversely affected by the retrograde (as long as you don’t decide to get engaged or married). When Venus goes direct, you’ll retain the love and romance that was there, but you’ll have a greater sense of realism as to whether it’s truly a fulfilling relationship for you.

Evaluate your current relationship

One of the problems you face during Venus retrograde is not being in touch with exactly what and who you value. Use this time to get in touch with your own feelings about a relationship and whether it really satisfies your needs.

Take stock of the basic differences between you and the other person, so that you can determine if you can live with them. Ask yourself if you can compromise or make an adjustment so that your relationship can work more cohesively. Relationships that have been especially challenging or problematic may come to an end during the retrograde.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you’ll find yourself becoming more aware of relationship problems. If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, it’s important to realize that whatever dissatisfaction you’re experiencing will only get worse with time.

Remember, your perceptions may be skewed at this time. The person you’re dating now may appear more fabulous than they turn out to be. Consequently, starting a relationship during the retrograde, may cause you to look back and ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” It’s easy to have a change of heart no matter how infatuated you were with this person during the retrograde period.

Whatever you do: don’t make any final evaluations about your relationship just yet! Wait until Venus goes direct, when you’re less likely to make a decision from an emotional perspective where your head is “in the clouds.”

A fated relationship may return into your life

A past love relationship may re-enter your life during the Venus retrograde. It may seem crazy, but it’s as if a sense of romantic nostalgia and longing seep into your consciousness, bringing an old relationship back into your world. The purpose may be to reconnect you or to give a final opportunity to get over it. This may be someone you thought was your fated soul mate that destiny had brought to you.

This may be your chance to deal with any unfinished business in your old relationship, such as a former partner who cheated on you, now returning to fess up to his/her infidelity. Perhaps, you may enjoy them one last time or have a chance to finally complete your relationship and let go of it.

Unfortunately, love may not be better the second time around. So, if an old flame comes back into your life, be warned that it may not work out in the long run. But if you’re not sure, make sure to wait until Venus goes direct to re-declare your love and make a new commitment.

Delay proposing marriage or making wedding plans

Even if you are normally, clear-headed and realistic about the status of your relationship, its problems and limitations, during Venus retrograde your perception is seriously altered.

The obvious is not so obvious. As a result, you may misread signals that would otherwise be red flags (e.g. “I was sure he really wanted children right away. I didn’t realize he was adamant about building his business first.”).

Before you make wedding plans or run away to Las Vegas to get married in the Elvis Presley chapel, wait until Venus turns direct to get a more balanced perspective on whether your relationship really satisfies your needs and what you want in a marriage. You’ll be able to more realistically assess if it will satisfy you in the long-term.

Keep these relationship tips in mind as you make plans concerning your love life. The best advice is to wait until the 41 days of Venus retrograde are over to make any important decisions. It will help insure that the decisions you make concerning your love life are successful and that you are not adversely affected by that “old black magic.”

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