How 10 leading experts get focused, take consistent action and grow their business

03/06/2017 11:44 am ET

You know the feeling. Squirrel Brain. That distracted, “I’ll just write this blog for a bit, oh wait, I still need to do that other thing..” feeling when you’re torn between a thousand different tasks, but wind up not getting much done.

You look at the top coaches and wonder how they do it. Reeling in 10K, 20K, 30K months.

Consistently putting out attention-grabbing marketing copy day after day.

If you feeling like you’re busting your backside but not getting the results you want, here’s a peek into how top experts get focused and get things done. Last month, I interviewed 10 top experts (Christina Jandali, Luisa Zhou, Jessica Rodriguez, Adrienne Dorison, Haley Lynn Gray, Yuliya Chernykhovskaya, Leimomi Keliikuli, Lacey Craig, Chanel Cumberbatch and Sabrina Colella) and here’s some of what they shared:


No distractions!

Back to basics: Shut off Facebook notifications, pop-ups, emails. Tip: Newsfeed eradicator (for the Chrome browser) can shut off the endless stream of cat and baby photos, friend updates and other distractions. “I’m just completely taking myself out of that (the newsfeed), so that anytime I’m getting on social media is very intentional,” says Jessica Rodriguez, Business Success and Visibility Strategist.

Focus on one task at a time, and on one OUTCOME at a time

Make sure that you only work on ONE task at a time (multi-tasking is not a thing), and that whatever you’re working on is aligned with the overall outcome you want. “If it’s not moving me towards that goal, if it’s not moving me towards that one focus that I have, then I probably shouldn’t be doing it,” says Christina Jandali, Business Coach and Founder of Deliver Your Genius.

Clear mental clutter

Entrepreneurs are basically idea factories. Sometimes, we have so much noise in our heads that it affects our focus - sometimes without even realizing it. The remedy? There are several: Regular brain dumps. A morning exercise routine (my favorite). And meditation - visualizing success - is also a great way to calm your mind.


If it needs to get done, it needs to be scheduled.

One of the biggest problems that I see people do is have these big hairy audacious goals and they’re beautiful, but they don’t allow the time or the steps or the planning to get from point B to point B,” says Haley Lynn Gray, founder of Women’s Entrepreneur Network.

Reverse engineer your goals

From a month, three-month or even one-year window, work backwards and break your goal down into smaller steps.

Don’t get over-attached to the outcome

Sometimes, becoming TOO attached to an outcome can be counter-productive and may block inspired ideas or action. Do what feels right, while keeping forward momentum.


Pay it forward: Do something for someone else.

Remember you can’t control everything.

Remember that no one is immune, and that being tested is part of every entrepreneur’s journey.

Recognize your feelings. Listen to your intuition: Do you want to power through or step back?

Start off on the right foot: Set up your day for success with a morning workout.

If all else fails, have a dance party.

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Hi, I’m Sophie Taylor. I’m a Productivity Coach, and help female entrepreneurs get focused and smash their goals, so they can grow their businesses faster, create more free time and share their unique gifts with the world.

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