How Professional Athletes benefit by PEMF Therapy

03/07/2017 04:00 am ET

Worldwide in almost every competitive sport, professional athletes are benefiting from the use of PEMF therapy to enhance their performance. These professional athletes are experiencing performance enhancement effects such as improved stamina, better hand-eye-motor synchronization, faster recovery and lower pain, all this using now easily available PEMF Devices.

The key benefits of PEMF therapy for professional athletes are:

With these effects, athletes experience benefits to their entire body and at any level and exhibit better performance.

Athletes and indeed all those who are fitness conscious, need to have their muscles working in an optimal fashion. This ensures structural integrity and also improves performance of the body. The biggest health risk to the athlete is having injury. Optimum performance will reduce the risk of injuries. So, PEMF therapy is used by athletes to maximize performance and at the same time reduce the risk of sports injury. It also helps the body recover faster from any injuries.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields increase the uptake of oxygen into muscle. PEMF Therapy devices raise blood and tissue oxygen levels by decreasing rate of O2 burn. An increase in oxygen can significantly enhance muscle performance and stamina. In competitive sports a 1% edge may be all that is needed to win, although people have reported upto 60-70% performance improvement within a few weeks of use.

The body’s muscles are able to perform harder, longer and recover faster with PEMF Therapy. After a workout, muscles become sore and sometimes tensed. A well-known effect of PEMF therapy is to reduce muscle tension and soreness/pain. Athletes often participate in competitions and practice inspite of their injuries. This is why regular use of PEMF therapy is becoming a practice at high level, or even weekend competitions.

“After 25 years of running marathons on weekends, I finally won a race out right, no age group thing, 1st overall. I ran the 5k marathon on Saturday. I ran faster than I have in over 8 years and I even let up in the race. I was able to put in a surge in the middle of the race to break my competition. On Sunday I ran the half marathon, I won my age group and as a soon to be 60 year old, I was 5th overall out of over 1200 competitors.Thanks again for creating a great product. I used it to help recover from Saturday’s race to Sunday’s race. Saturday’s race was at 1:00pm and the ½ marathon was at 7:00am the next morning (less than 24 hours)!”  - A weekend warrior reports to EarthPulse

Frank is currently an internationally ranked 50+ age category Power Lifter. He tried PEMF therapy and reported a week later -

Very interesting things have transpired since using the device (ONE WEEK). My sleep has very much improved as in I only get up once a night to urinate. Three times I slept through the night without waking to use the bathroom. On “Sleep Mode” I fall asleep very quickly, although I use the “Recover Mode” most of the time. I sometimes feel a little groggy after using the “Recover Mode.” My lifts are improving! I haven’t done a “Max Effort Test” yet, but my training lifts are going up. I will do a “Max Effort Test” in the next couple of weeks. My energy throughout the day is phenomenal, especially in the morning at work (I start at 5:30am.) My “Breath Hold” has improved by 36%!! 50sec. to 68 sec.

After two weeks, Frank was even happier -

I had to write since I’ve had another amazing improvement in the breath holding test. Just 3 nights of utilizing the device (1/2″) from my back, I’ve improved my hold time an additional 25 sec!!! So from an initial 50 sec. to 68 sec. (36% increase) the first week, to 93sec. the second week. An improvement of 86% over baseline in two weeks!! Shit!! What the hell is the larger magnet going to do?!?!? Damn! This is fun! Thanks!

A month later, Frank touched base with us at EarthPulse saying -

Summer has arrived and it was 99F yesterday and it’s supposed to be 110F today! Whew! It came on fast. My bench was up another 20 lb., it’s starting to taper, which is understandable since I’ve gained 120 lbs. on that particular exercise !!!(benching off the chains.) I haven’t done a full range max bench as of yet because I’m still having problems with my elbow. Although it seems to be healing. I did Good Mornings (I haven’t been able to do these for over a year, because of my back). Worked up to 455 lb. with no pain!! I should have no problem doing deadlifts once again. Cool! Tested my breath hold with no improvement. I think the heat has something to do with it.

It usually takes athletes between 2 to 3 days to recover from competitions. In past, it was noticed that Eastern European and Russian athletes would be fully energized the next day without showing any of the effects of previous days. They were using some sort of PEMF devices. These were not considered to be doping. Essentially PEMF systems are therapy devices that help to wash the stress, remove soreness and reduce lactic acid in muscles.

PEMF is widely used by Professional Athletes worldwide. Recently, Russia Today reported that US athletes were using covert brain stimulation technology in Rio Olympics 2016.

If you are a professional athlete or hope to be one, PEMF therapy is the answer to your prayers. Feel better, perform better, naturally!

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