The Electoral College Must Go

03/09/2017 02:45 pm ET

As we continue to muddle our way through the disaster that is the Trump Presidency let’s not lose sight of the fact that we have an electoral system that is broken and sorely in need of repair. No it is not voter fraud but rather the more systematic anomaly known as the Electoral College. We must first retire the Donald, and then eliminate this fossil from a bygone era.

In the midst of the Russian interference imbroglio let us not forget that the basic root of all evil that is currently settling in over our democracy is the Electoral College. Lost in the cacophony of bullshit that has masqueraded as public discourse over the first six weeks of the Trump Era is the basic fact that by any standard electoral metrics he is an illegitimate president. We have a systematic malfunction that must be fixed.

Somehow we managed to withstand the Bush ’43 experience, although make no mistake about it the unbearable burdens that Obama inherited are testament to the horribly misguided policies and actions perpetrated by the little troll (Dick Cheney) who actually controlled decision-making for at least the first four years. Even so there was little doubt that even W understood the need to fill government positions and had some familiarity with the basic issues of governance.

And while it does tease the imagination and tighten the sphincter to imagine the potential that was squandered by not having Al Gore at the helm during those long, tortuous years, the specter of a Trump regime begs serious questions as to whether the damage may be, bluntly, catastrophic. Given the first month and a half there are absolutely no signs that a continuation of this insanity will result in anything less.

As a student of our constitutional form of government I was not sufficiently moved to question the Electoral College during the Bush years. Mistakenly I only assumed that it was an aberration. However, now that we have had the second dose of illegitimacy in the last five national elections I am convinced that we need to treat our constitution as the living document that it was intended to be and render “one person, one vote” as the operative guiding principle as we bumble and stumble with life in the 21st century. Any reasonable interpretation of a popular vote standard means that we must abide by the wishes of the American people, not the individualized cross-section of state groupings built upon random boundaries that gives certain votes far more importance than others.

The stakes are too high and the consequences much too drastic to continue to abide by an 18th century solution to a 21st century problem. So let us add to the mix of serious issues that will come before Congress and the American people a Constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College. At the very least it will give the people a chance to expect a serious government run by serious public servants designed to actually look out for the best interests of the nation instead of this woeful agglomeration of misfits and nincompoops who are guided by a President better suited to be the court jester.

Aside from the embarrassment factor we are poised on the edge of an unstable ledge that at any minute risks taking us off a cliff that will surely result in massive casualties. Trump is a disaster, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, a man child whose impetuous temperament, poor judgement, lack of diplomacy, and complete incapacity to grasp let alone absorb complex and sensitive public policy issues is a danger to humanity. I have little doubt that even diehard Republican legislators have already tired of his juvenile antics and will soon realize the dire prospects his continued tenure holds for their own longevity. They will seek to orchestrate something approaching a soft landing and Democrats ought to be prepared to assist in his demise by insisting that elimination of the Electoral College is an acceptable trade-off.

Given the state in which we now find ourselves I believe the Founding Fathers would accede to this as an acceptable compromise to protect and preserve the Republic.

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