Celebrate the Art and Fashion of Aida Novosel Savic on April 1st, 2017!

03/24/2017 06:28 pm ET

Aida Novosel Savic does it all. She is an artist, set, and fashion designer. She has been surrounded by art lovers her entire life. “I had the luck to be born in a family that fosters artistic expression,” said Aida. “I’ve been in contact with, works of art, music, literature history, since I can remember.”

Aida will be featured in a solo exhibition entitled “MAJESTIC” at AC Gallery, located Highland Avenue between Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards. AC Gallery opened in Los Angeles in 2012, and consistently curates high quality art exhibitions.

“Aida is a truth seeker, on a quest to make everybody beautiful and happy, said Gallery Director and Curator Carlos Benitez." Her paintings are honest with classical charcoal shades that translate the same energy in her Haute Couture dresses. Her passion for horses can be seen in her characters with the sensuality of her paintings.”

Spokesperson, model and actress Anna Kulinova will be wearing Aida’s fashions at the opening event. The pair met at AC Gallery and have become good friends planning to partner to launch a new Haute Couture collection for men and women.

Aida said she felt she had to share her art and creative works with people. When she came to California, she fell in love with it, and knew she had to stay. “I did not dream that I would come to live in such an inspiring country as America.”

 Aida Novosel Savic, Ardor, mixed media, 25in x 30in, 2017
Aida Novosel Savic
Aida Novosel Savic, Ardor, mixed media, 25in x 30in, 2017

Aida explained the above work, entitled Ardor was created out of love with chalk graffiti. “It was an attempt to convey emotions through images, said the artist.

Aida cited her grandfather Jeftimije Janevski and her mother Biljana Janevska as giving her “artist genes.” Her grandfather grew up in Macedonia and studied theology. He spoke five languages, he wrote poems and short stories. He married and had seven children, one…Aida’s mother became a professor of French and Latin. She was also a self-taught painter. “Art is her second love,” said Aida.

She grew up in Europe surrounded by the history of ancient civilizations. She studied art and started to draw every chance she had. She continued, “Every trip, going for a walk, reading a book, everything gives me inspiration.” Aida is also a fashion designer and has created costumes in various productions of popular shows such as Don Quixote, Poor little hamsters, and Roots…just to name a few.

 Aida Novosel Savic,  White horse, 42x63 inches, 2017, Chalk, charcoal
Aida Novosel Savic
Aida Novosel Savic, White horse, 42x63 inches, 2017, Chalk, charcoal

Experience the opening of “MAJESTIC” with an artist reception on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 from 7:00pm - 10:00pm at AC Gallery in Hollywood. Artist Aida Novosel Savic and spokesperson, model and actress Anna Kulinova will be in attendance. RSVP: Gallery@artistscorner.us

AC Gallery is located at 1546 Highland Avenue, Los Angeles 90028. The exhibition will be on view from April 1st –through April 22nd, 2017. For more info about his exhibition, visit http://www.acgallery.us/ http://aida.milosbozic.com

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