Charge of An Angel - Linda D. Wattley

04/06/2017 05:26 pm ET

Linda D. Wattley is a published author whose quote for life and living is "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!" It gets curious when her storytelling twists that phrase to, “THE TRUTH WILL – LET YOU SEE, ME!” The topic of her book, Charge of an Angel – Love and Redemption Series Book 1 is the voices of children surviving molestation into adulthood. This book shares her story. As a child, she was raised in an emotionally dysfunctional environment. Wattley was seeking understanding of God and life. She retraces the heart-wrenching journey through her childhood eyes and feelings, to eventually welcoming the spirituality that evolved her into the woman she is today. Wattley recalls, “Exploring those truths cultivated my ability to finally present myself as me, instead of everyone’s description of me!”

For over 12 years, Wattley wrote a religious column, where she explored various philosophical and spiritual topics. During a debilitating period of depression, she found a self-help book that caused an emotional breakthrough. This breakthrough is what that led to a tsunami of writing. “My listlessness and tears were replaced by boundless streams of writing! I was ‘storytelling’ my childhood traumas into novels,” Wattley quietly reminisced. The events and routines of sexual molestation had been personal taboos for her writing life. Still, the narrative of her childhood kept flowing onto the pages directly from what she called her “inner-girl soul.”

The writing began to reveal the trauma wounds that tried to heal, “keloiding,” into survival personalities. Each personality was not distinguishable enough to be considered separate multiple personalities, yet every shade was specific. The personas spoke to abuse events, helping her to cope with everyday living. This review fostered a healing in her life. “The writing experience planted seeds into a ‘soil of compassion,’ yielding three volumes of redemptive ‘Petitions from my Soul’,” Wattley said.

Linda Wattley reflected, “As my personalities helped me detach from my body I actually started a running narrative, it coached me deeper into what I call, ‘intimate realities,’ a special world outside of everyday reality.” The point was that the “intimate realities,” featured physical numbness to neutralize events taking place with her body. Pain was the tragedy that existed in everyday reality.

Wattley reveals an important insight into her work. “I see myself as a messenger and not an author of this trilogy. The Love and Redemption Series- The words are flowing through me, and I just write them down,” she explained. While admitting much of the story that unfolds in the novels is loosely autobiographical, the voices of her childhood personas are more inspiration than writing craft. Wattley often claims the children’s monologues are the expressions of the many voiceless sexual abuse survivors, clamoring for attention in our neighborhoods and churches.

“The terror children live through surviving sexual molestation, sometimes manifests as a freezing of emotions into a thick rock-like shield, cutting off strong emotional reactions,” Wattley shares sadly. Linda Wattley feels she learned about a self-suppressing reaction to trauma, maintaining it can create “rock people.” She claims to have experienced “rock people,” melt back to their true self after reading drafts of her manuscript. Wattley claims no psychiatric expertise and is not suggesting a psychiatric treatment.

Linda Wattley revealed “I realized that I AM THE FIRST CHILD I EVER HAD! As an adult, the love I gave my children was the same love I needed to give myself when I was a child,” Wattley proclaimed. She continued to recount how cathartic the book became for her with each chapter. Wattley expressed her certainty that healing can come through the sharing of private and emotionally charged experiences. She believes, this is the blessing and the intended impact, “Charge of an Angel - The Love and Redemption Series Book 1,” will have on people’s lives.

When she is not writing, Wattley enjoys her family; Mother Jacqueline M. Bushner, sons: Robert D. Wattley III, Marcus, her daughter-in-law Katie and granddaughters Jaelynn and Myla.

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