"Ultimate Beastmaster" on Netflix is Must See Binge Worthy TV!

04/04/2017 08:42 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2017

Netflix, William Morris Endeavor (WME), and Executive Producers Sylvester Stallone and Dave Broome deserve some serious praise and applause for the recently released reality competition series “Ultimate Beastmaster.”

The 10 episode first season that became available on February 24, 2017 is fun, fresh, and offers the highest quality production values available today. It also takes everything we as viewers think we know about competition series and effectively turns it on its head. Using a ground breaking format is always a gamble many content providers, agencies, and producers might have been weary about being the first ones to take it on.

In the end result it is exactly what makes “Ultimate Beastmaster” must see TV fun for the entire family. There is nowhere else viewers can see competitors from six (6) different countries competing against each other, with two (2) hosts representing each country, giving commentary as those who want to claim the title of “Ultimate Beastmaster” compete in a serious of challenges that require both physical skill and mental sharpness. One wrong move and it is game over.

The two (2) hosts for the United States are actor, athlete, comedian Terry Crews and the stunning Charissa Thompson. The two (2) have great chemistry and big enthusiasm. The five other sets of hosts that represent the other countries with competitors in competition have some screen time and are very well suited for their respective roles. The talented competitors are the real hero’s and help make “Ultimate Beastmaster” in a league all of its own. Watch and you will see for yourself why!

Come September “Ultimate Beastmaster” should win two top Emmy Awards the coveted “Outstanding Reality Competition Series” and “Outstanding Reality Host” for Terry Crews and Charissa Thompson. If you haven’t binged the beast, you may begin now!




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