5 Ways to Celebrate Weight Loss Successes

I have had to rethink how I celebrate things. I usually celebrate with foods so now I am trying to find new ways to celebrate.  I cam up with a list of my five favorite ways to celebrate my weight loss successes.

1. Make a Weight Loss Wish List

I put together a list of things that my weight has held me back from or I have avoided because of my weight so I plan to do these things as I meet my weight loss goals.  It will be a fun way to not only celebrate but do new things.

2. Buy Yourself Something You Enjoy

I like to buy myself something for one of my hobbies like a coloring book or something for my journaling.  Whatever your passion is it’s a great way to celebrate a success that doesn’t involve food.

3. Save for a Trip

Think of a trip you would like to take and decide on a budget.  Divide that by how many pounds you have to lose and put that money away every time you lose a pound.  So for example if you want to go on a $500 trip and you have 100 pounds to lose then put away $5 for every pound you lose.  At the end of your journey you will have enough to take a big trip and celebrate.

4. Buddy Up with a Weight Loss Friend to Reward Yourself

Do you have a weight loss buddy? I recently did this with a friend where we both went out and made up 5 envelopes and put a small $5 gift of some kind (like a gift card or a bracelet) when we each reach our goal the other will give them an envelope. It’s fun because it’s a surprise and it helps to keep your motivated.

5. Share Your Success With Others

I like to share my success with my friends and family. I also love just sharing on my blog and social media. My hope isn’t to brag about my weight loss but to hopefully share with others who might be struggling and may see my post and think if she can do it so can I.  I also just love to make new buddies either online or in the real world to have as support for my own journey so by sharing I get to meet a lot of new people.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate your successes in life?

Read more about my weight loss journey at http://parentinginprogress.net/my-nutrisystem-journey/

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