Battle Cravings with 70 Craving Busting Coping Strategies


Diversions are just as they sound, they are designed to take your mind off of your craving by focusing on something else that is unrelated.  They say that a craving only lasts a few seconds, I’ve heard several different amounts of time (8 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds) regardless they are all only seconds.  So if you can divert your attention onto something else for even just a few minutes usually the cravings will pass.


  1. Hobbies (paint, draw, photography, read)
  2. Music (dance, sing, play an instrument)
  3. Take a shower or a bath
  4. Garden
  5. Go for a drive or take a walk
  6. Watch television or a movie (just be careful of commercials)
  7. Watch funny videos on YouTube
  8. Play a game
  9. Go shopping (but I would avoid food shopping)
  10. Clean or organize your environment (I have a list of 15 minutes tasks like clean out the kitchen drawer, clean out a closet, start laundry, fold a basket of laundry, etc when I need them I just pull out a task and do it)

Social Interpersonal (With Others):

Having a good support system is really helpful when your struggling.  Just having someone who understands what you are going through, holds you accountable, and will listen when you need them is so helpful in overcoming your cravings.


  1. Talk to someone you trust
  2. Set boundaries (my family knows I am not going out to eat right now, no junk food in the house, etc.)
  3. Write a note to someone you care about
  4. Be Assertive (make sure the people in your life know what you need to be successful)
  5. Use humor (I love to laugh so this is a good for me)
  6. Spend time with friends and/or family
  7. Serve someone in need
  8. Care for or play with a pet
  9. Role-play challenging situations with others
  10. Encourage Others (I love support groups even if only online)

Cognitive (In the Mind):

My biggest obstacle is my mind.  I am my own worst enemy sometimes.  As I said above usually cheating on my diet starts with negative thoughts.


  1. Make a gratitude list
  2. Keep an inspirational quote with you (I write these in my daily planner throughout the week & my journal)
  3. Be flexible
  4. Write a list of goals
  5. Take a class
  6. Act opposite of negative feelings
  7. Write a list of pros and cons
  8. Reward or pamper yourself when successful (just not with food, I use a wish list of things that my weight prevented me from doing that I can now do since I’ve lost weight)
  9. Write a list of strengths
  10. Accept a challenge with a positive attitude

Tension Releasers:

Sometimes dieting and losing weight can get stressful.  I know for me I can start feeling overwhelmed especially when I am struggling with cravings. Releasing tension and destressing can be really helpful.


  1. Exercise
  2. Play Sports
  3. Yelling (where no one can hear you)
  4. Punching bag (or a kickboxing class)
  5. Journaling
  6. Message
  7. Go to a spa (we love going to get our nails done)
  8. Do something you find fun
  9. Cry
  10. Laugh


Don’t forget the physical aspects of weight loss.  It’s not all about dieting, taking care of our body makes us feel better and healthier and we are able to make better choices.


  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat healthy foods
  3. Get into a good routine (form healthy habits)
  4. Limit caffeine
  5. Deep/slow breathing
  6. Meditation
  7. Yoga
  8. Exercise
  9. Take a nap
  10. Eat small meals six times a day (exactly how Nutrisystem is set up, really helps keep your metabolism regulated)


Now I know this is not for everyone.  I personally don’t look at spirituality as religion I see it a little differently but either way having a good peace of mind can be helpful in combating cravings.


  1. Pray
  2. Meditate
  3. Enjoy nature
  4. Get involved in a worthy cause
  5. Random Acts of Kindness
  6. Find Inspirational Quotes to hang up
  7. Yoga
  8. Read spiritual materials (whatever that might be for you)
  9. Attend group functions that spiritually focused (like a church service, group service, etc)
  10. Believe in Yourself

Limit Setting:

One of the best things for me is keeping very strict limits in place when it comes to food.  Not putting myself around foods that will cause cravings really helps me avoid cheating.


  1. Drop some involvement (I had to rely on my husband to do tasks with the kids that I thought would be hard to avoid cravings)
  2. Prioritize important tasks (focus on goals & what is important)
  3. Use assertive communication (make sure your loved ones know what you need to avoid cravings)
  4. Schedule time for yourself
  5. Remove junk food from you home
  6. Avoid eating out
  7. Avoid parties
  8. Stick to your diet (Nutrisytem is very structured so it really helps me to stick to my diet plan and avoid cravings)
  9. Set an exercise schedule
  10. Maintain a routine

I hope you guys find these helpful.  Let me know what your favorite coping skills are in the comments.  Read about my weight loss journey at

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