04/19/2017 11:30 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2017

The world is spinning wildly off its axis right now. The gyrations that have traditionally been held in check by the power, prestige, and incremental cautiousness of the United States of America are currently being cut loose in favor of an administration devoid of experience, historical and/or institutional perspective, and respect for diplomatic strategy. Donald Trump and his Mickey Mouse minions are playing a dangerous game of chicken that is placing the current world order in peril.

This is not a political analysis, it is a factual representation of actions and developments that bear no resemblance to rationality. The leader of the free world has no earthly idea what he is doing and has surrounded himself with a bush league caliber of yes men and women who are complicit in upsetting if not destroying what is at best a tenuous balance that allows the human race to coexist and over the long-term make advancements.

Forget the convenient excuse that even though Trump is a dangerous buffoon at least he has assembled some adults around him, mostly military men, who will exert at least some modicum of restraint when it comes to the serious decisions that involve life and death. This was shattered upon learning that it seems no one, not the President, the Press Secretary, the Secretary of Defense or the National Security Advisor had any idea that the so-called “armada” ( a Trump term that is actually an antiquated 16th century reference to the unsuccessful Spanish invasion of England in 1588) was heading south instead of north. A rather basic, almost comedic, miscalculation in an era of advanced geo-positioning technology. A mistake or misdirection? In this administration it is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate between the two.

So either none of them knew that the USS Carl Vinson was not heading towards the Korean Peninsula or they all were lying to the American public. One can spin this as Trump being Trump and purposely not revealing his hand, which is dangerous enough in its own right, but in light of the public pronouncements signaling our intention to show Kim Jong Un the seriousness with which we were willing to respond to his deadly provocations we are playing Russian Roulette with potentially millions of lives. Is this what qualifies for strategic diplomacy in Trumpworld? It is amateur hour on the world stage and the stakes could not be higher.

It strains credibility when you threaten to do one thing and later it turns out you were either inept in its execution or only playing games. What if it had sparked an irrational counter reaction (not much of a stretch) by the North Korean leader? Does anyone in a position of authority in the White House, and I am particularly looking at anyone with a General in front of his first name, think about such things? Apparently not, or even worse they do and still do not step up to talk sense to the Twitter King. If this is the case then the Donald has grabbed you by the you know what. So much for adult supervision!

And just for good measure we have Vice-President Pence in South Korea warning Un that the time for strategic patience is over. What? Are you kidding me, since when is either strategy or patience a symptom of weakness? Trump is a bully and Pence is his pimp. Our government is headed by a Prince and a Pimp, with not a hint of intellectual fortitude to be found anywhere. Each is as equally dangerous as the other and I fear both are similarly implicated in the treasonous actions that helped in their ascension.

International affairs is tricky and complicated business. Trump’s apparent outsourcing of responsibility to handle the North Korean problem to Chinese President Xi in exchange for loosening trade restrictions may have come as one, a big and unwelcome surprise to the Chinese leader and two, an illustration of the art of the deal, and a bad deal at that. But Ivanka did secure the trademarks she was looking for and in the Trump calculus that is really all that matters. This madness must be stopped!

Now this coming on top of the President’s incredibly treacherous phone conversation congratulating Turkish leader Erdogan on his suspension of democratic governance, evidently in order to advance the financial prospects for Trump holdings in Istanbul, should be reason for treason in and of itself. NATO may no longer be obsolete in Trump’s eyes, but should Turkey be allowed in it? Could this precipitate a split in NATO, especially if Le Pen prevails in France and as threatened pulls out of the organization? Could Putin be any prouder of Comrades Trump, Manafort, Page, Flynn or Nunes?

That Trump has discovered the wonder of dabbling in gunboat diplomacy as the ultimate deflection from domestic ineptitude has placed the world in a very dangerous position. There is no doubt whatsoever that Trump and his family should be banished from Washington, DC and relieved of their positions. And this does not even take into account the collusion between the Trump circle and Commissar Putin.

If this makes you feel as though your head is about to explode, it should. The dizzying level of incompetence and unsophistication is frightening. Trump is a traitor and he and his accomplices should be indicted and if found guilty imprisoned. Where is the outrage on the part of the party in power? Yes I appreciate the sporadic indignation from Senators McCain and Graham but if you were truly patriots you must put your party on notice that you will not stand idly by while the world goes to hell.

The Trump administration is a disaster. They are the most motley agglomeration of nincompoops, misfits, and losers ever to assume the levers of government. If I were not a father and had no concern for the impacts they will have upon future generations I would simply move to Costa Rica and drink rum all day. But being possessed of a conscience and compassion I cannot sit back and watch the criminal actions of a madman threaten civilization for those who will come after we are gone. Forget resistance, we need prosecutions. Or to put it more bluntly, LOCK THEM UP!

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