Black & White: Living a Life of Purity

04/26/2017 10:00 am ET

When people hear the word Purity (in a sexual context), I believe they automatically think of a few different words: Holiness, virginity and perfection. Purity is defined as the freedom of sexual immorality. It is free of filth, adulteration and contamination. I also believe that purity is an assumed behavior or practice that only women embrace within their everyday lives. Our society does not view men as being pure. In today's world, part of becoming a man means to "sow your royal oats" and be sexually active with multiple women.

For me, sowing my royal oats was never an issue growing up as a young man. It was not my rite of passage from boyhood to manhood like many of my peers. Now, I'm not saying that I was perfect and holy because I wasn't. Far from it. I listened to explicit rap music and watched R-rated movies. I cursed while playing and watching sports. I was surrounded by sex, drugs and violence on a daily basis. However, I was a virgin (and I proud one at that). I didn't hide my virginity for anyone because I felt it was a gift from God, who was and still is the head of my life.

Looking back at it, I feel that I never could fully embrace the "purity label" as a young man because I wasn't 100% comfortable with the perception (and reality) that came with it. As if being 100% pure would make me "soft" or put me in jeopardy of losing some of my street creditability. I can remember being the virgin who "did everything but that" or the guy who would dip his toe in the pool of temptation to get wet. My thought process was that as long as I didn't jump completely into the deep end, I was someway, somehow still "pure." I needed this book back in the day, however, I simply wasn’t ready. It wasn’t time yet.

I'm still a virgin at age 33, but I see things totally different. I have drawn a final conclusion: Living a life of purity is black and white.There is no more gray area. It is only by the grace of God that I'm still a virgin in 2017 (a commitment I made to God 19 years ago). I am the definition of "Through The Wire" as my spirit has survived a fatal car crash of lust, temptation and lies. From pornography to infatuation, living a purity lifestyle is still attainable. I have fully repented and Jesus has delivered me from my sinful ways.

Lesson learned: Purity does not discriminate - it is accepting of all races and gender. Please don't be afraid of the responsibility and purpose of purity. Just like anything in life, if you do it half speed, you'll only receive half of the results. Put your entire self (mind, body and soul) into wanting and living a true and pure life. Save yourself the unnecessary wasted time and damage. Preserve your innocent spirit and walk with grace as you say no to premarital sex and yes to a better life. That perfect picture is crystal clear, without any color disparity.

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