04/26/2017 12:31 pm ET

I am prepared to say something nice about Donald Trump and it scares me to death. I will grant him the benefit of the doubt that he loves his sons and daughters. He surely has bestowed upon them fantastic opportunities to live lives that are the stuff of fairy tales and dreams that most can not even imagine. That he needs to be surrounded by his kids is touching and I have little doubt that they are truly grateful and appreciative of all he has provided them. As a provider he has certainly done well. Whether that suffices to make him father of the year is another matter altogether. Being born on third base does not mean that you hit a triple and that applies to father and children. Being generous is considerably easier when you have far more than you need. True generosity is extending help and assistance to those who have very little and that is where public service and government enters the picture.

Engaging in public service and government can be a noble experience, however giving his progeny positions of authority within the structure of government, paid or unpaid, is flat out nepotism and is a perversion of love and generosity. Ivanka Trump’s sojourn to Berlin to promote her father’s character with regard to women was an appalling example of fealty, by definition sworn loyalty to a lord, not necessarily love. The fact that she was part of what can only be described as a convocation of the closest thing to European royalty while representing not only the President of the United States but it’s citizens is a glowing testament to the warped nature of the Trump administration and the President himself.

Whether the invitation was part of a grander scheme of Angela Merkel’s revenge for the shabby treatment she received while visiting Trump’s palatial estate in Florida weeks ago or a sincere effort to cozy up to America’s First Daughter, as she is perceived as part of the true power structure in the White House, will be left to others to decide. Regardless, the specter of Ivanka representing either America or women in light of her father’s actions and history is beyond ironic, it is intolerable. Like other things that the Trump brand has come to represent it is a mockery of good intentions. It is self-serving and antithetical to all that this country is supposed to stand for.

Quite simply, she made a fool of herself and if there were any doubts as to her sincerity they have now been validated. She indeed is a Princess and either by virtue of love or self-interest or both there can be no doubt that she, like her father, is an unabashed promoter. Moonlighting as a Senior Assistant to the President (Daddy) has enriched her already lavish lifestyle and significantly enhanced her brand and hence her wealth. Like Father like daughter. The sickening prospect of the huge financial benefits accruing to all the Trump family while the very concept or notion of conflict of interest is summarily ignored by Republican leaders in Congress, those paragons of patriotism and morality, is every bit as treasonous as the unfolding Russian investigation of corruption during the last election. And let there be no doubt whatsoever that her public presence bears the responsibility for criticism where warranted. There is no safe haven to protect her from ridicule as long as she assumes the privileged position she has been handed.

The emerging kleptocracy under one-party rule in this nation is a perversion of democratic government and threatens the strong threads which have bound this nation together over the past two plus centuries. The fabric of the Republic is fraying, severely testing Benjamin Franklin’s retort at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 when questioned as to whether we had a Republic or a Monarchy that it is “a Republic if we can keep it.”

The gross nepotism on display within this administration is an abomination and must be eliminated. The kids can continue to exert whatever influence the Donald thinks is necessary, just not as government employees with top security clearances and access to foreign leaders who simply cannot and will not resist the temptation to cow to the overt solicitations of preferential treatment to the business ventures they represent.

The explicit and rampant corruption of this administration will outlive all those who are responsible for it and the stain will forever inure to the feckless and reckless nature of an angry, frustrated and depressed society abused by those elected to protect them.

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