“She Sacrificed Her Entire Life For Me.” General Raymond Odierno, Ret.

05/08/2017 02:21 pm ET

General Raymond Odierno, a retired four-star U.S. Army General, said during his retirement speech that his wife, Linda, sacrificed her entire life so that he could serve in our military. As a military spouse, his statements resonated not only with me but with thousands of military spouses around the world. I know because the moment he said that it went viral within the military spouse community! Military spouses are the underpinning of the military but we aren’t military. Military spouses face challenges, people outside the military simply don’t understand and really can’t relate to. We move on a regular basis, sometimes at a moment’s notice and sometimes to locations where you’re told to bring a 6-month supply of toilet paper – just in case.

Deployments and training exercises require us to regularly meet the demands of a single parent home. Military spouses are an incredible support to each other because we understand the hardships we face and spouses become family. Never have I met stronger, more determined individuals. Military spouses are the most incredible people I have ever met.

Military spouses are accountants, lawyers, aeronautical engineers, financial planners, communications experts, human resource professionals and the list goes on and on. The constant moving makes it impossible for a military spouse to have a traditional professional career. When you move to a location requiring a 6-month supply of toilet paper, you can guarantee the employment opportunities are going to be sparse. More commonly though, military bases are located in outlying areas for training purposes and employment opportunity is saturated and sustained by the local community. This leaves military spouses largely unemployed or underemployed. Ask any military spouse and they’ll tell you the same – military spouse unemployment is an issue and it’s an underreported issue.

Friday, May 12th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, honoring all the sacrifices we make as military spouses. A way to show your appreciation is by recognizing the professional contributions military spouses want to make and can make in the corporate sector. Traditional office jobs are difficult for military spouses to have but remote jobs provide spouses with the flexibility to continue to work even when the military moves them. Military spouses are educated professionals who wish to have a career alongside their active duty spouse but because of our lifestyle we end up sacrificing a part of ourselves.

Technology is at our fingertips and military spouses shouldn’t have to sacrifice their professional futures. America’s Career Force is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to eliminate military spouse unemployment by connecting military spouses with companies that offer remote jobs. America’s Career Force offers all its’ services for free. Show your appreciation and let America’s Career Force help you #HireJustOne military spouse for a remote job.

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