Stop Trying To Make Something Out of Nothing

05/25/2017 05:06 pm ET

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President Trump is on a historic trip this week and it has mostly been what you would expect from a world leader, as opposed to the usual craziness surrounding anything involving Donald Trump these days.

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to try and make it into some sort of crazy story, even if there isn’t one.

President Trump spoke in front of many powerful Muslim leaders including the Saudis; he met with the Pope; he went over to the wall in Israel and met with that country’s most important figures.

That’s a positive thing and it should be treated as such, regardless of how you feel about the president. But some people just live to be angry and media outlets enjoy fueling that fire.

Heat Street’s Stephen Miller summed this phenomenon up best, tweeting, “How you know Trumps trip has been an incredible success: Media can only talk about holding hands, facial expressions & handshakes.”

And that is exactly what we are hearing about. The president’s handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron was “intense.” The Pope didn’t smile. The Prime Minister of Montenegro had his spotlight stolen.

The micro analyzing and projection going on here is something to behold, and quite frankly, these are all silly takes from people who are desperate to create a negative story where one does not exist.

Speaking of projection, how about CNN’s Chris Cillizza’s headline, “Donald Trump’s Foreign Trip is Going Smoothly. It Won’t Last.”

First of all, it is humorous that Cillizza admits the trip has mostly been a success right off the bat. Good for you, Chris. But then, he adds, “It won’t last.” That’s some hard news analysis there, Chris. Didn’t realize you had a crystal ball. You got any lottery numbers or future Superbowl winners you want to share, too?

Joking aside, this is the kind of stuff that has driven people crazy for years and made many people want to tune out the mainstream media entirely. If there is some sort of major issue on the trip, then great, go ahead and report all about it. But trying to create inane negative stories out of thin air is doing nothing but playing to those who desperately want everything President Trump does to be a calamity while further alienating those who don’t trust a word you say.

Some advice to those in the media who play into this insanity and my friends who despise the president so much that they will literally boil over with hatred just because he exists: take a deep breath and relax.

As Current Affairs’ Nathan J. Robinson wrote regarding the terrible cottage industry of so-called fact checkers following the president’s election, Donald Trump is going to be factually right sometimes in a way that cannot really be disputed. He’s going to do things that even you think are good sometimes, even if you hate his guts with every fiber of your being. When those moments occur, it is ok to just nod your head and move along, waiting for the next time he legitimately gives you something to be outraged about.

It’s a much smarter and healthier way to approach your everyday life. And it may even save you a few trips to the shrink.

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