Trump and Russia: Connecting Some Dots

05/30/2017 09:48 am ET

We have been inundated with leaks from Washington, each of which tell a bit of a story. But just recently, some of it has started to make sense.

Let's suppose that Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law and close advisor, did propose to the Russian Ambassador to have a secret channel to the Kremlin, outside of normal government channels. This proposal was apparently made in the presence of General Flynn, and was intended to be secret from US government agencies.

To accomplish this, it would be necessary for those who knew about this overture to conceal it from the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies of the government. Now we can understand the extraordinary forgetfulness of Mr. Kushner, General Flynn, and Attorney General Sessions in omitting Russian contacts in their security questionnaires and sworn testimony.

Where might this idea have originated? If such a channel is to be useful, it must be for the President's use. Consequently President Trump must have known about it, and instructed his closest advisors to hide their contacts, specifically from the FBI. This would explain the

President's delay in firing General Flynn as National Security Advisor until his concealment of Russian contacts became public. It also sheds some light on the purported lie of General Flynn to Vice-President Pence about his Russian contacts. In addition, it makes sense of the

President's reported attempt to influence then FBI director Comey not to prosecute Flynn.

This is all speculation. But if it is true, Flynn, Kushner and Sessions have deliberately violated the law by lying to the FBI. And President Trump has suborned perjury and obstructed justice. Stay tuned! This may get interesting.

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